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Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Very quaint area. Sorry, no pics of Harvard.

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Cambridge to me has more of a New England feel than Boston itself does.
I love Cambridge. I've definitely spent more time over there than in Boston.
No Harvard Square?
Yeah Harvard square should be there along with memorial drive..But great pics
nice pics...although we dont want to see Haaavaaad anyway. :jk:
Man, Cambridge has a BUSY downtown! Does it have a light rail connection to Boston with those underground escalators and Central InBound things? Very urban! What the city's population. Much more nicer and urban looking than the OTHER Cambridge (in Ontario).
Better yet, Cambridge, population has hovered around 100,000 for decades, has a heavy rail connection, the Red Line, to Boston.
It also has a pretty large skyline for its population though not tall nor dense. However, at certain angles and direction, you can get a great picture that shows how Cambridge can elongate Boston's skyline. However, Cambridge has it's own distinct skyline.
With 102,000 people in 6.7 sq miles - over 15,000 pp sq mile - the city of Cambridge (as well as neighboring of Somerville) is on the whole more urban than Boston. It is serviced by the heavy rail Red Line subway and the light rail Green Line, which is currently undergoing an extension into Medford.
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Good to hear that the Green Line light rail is finally being extended from Lechmere!
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