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Canada's Best Places to Live

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Canada's Best Places to Live - Do you live in one of the country's top communities?
MoneySense magazine presents Canada's only by-the-numbers guide to the
best places to live, along with rankings for the best weather, the best
places to retire and the cheapest real estate.

TORONTO, May 2 /CNW/ - MoneySense magazine today reveals its second
annual list of Canada's Best Places to Live. The ranking is the most complete
and objective guide to finding paradise within our borders - ideal for
Canadians considering a move, looking to invest, pondering where to retire, or
simply wondering how their city rates against others.
The Best Places to Live database and reader package goes further than
other sources of such information. To ensure objectivity, MoneySense ranked
communities strictly by the numbers. Our team spent weeks digging up
statistics and crunching thousands of figures relating to the weather, real
estate values, income levels, unemployment rates, discretionary income, crime
rates and signs of prosperity. All of these factors combine to provide a true
picture of what it is like to live in a particular community.

A bigger and better list: This year's ranking is expanded and improved,
spanning 123 communities with a population greater than 10,000 from coast to

Canada's top 10 places to live: These cities came out on top for having
the best combination of factors that make a city livable.

1. Ottawa, Ont.
2. Halifax, N.S.
3. Québec City, Que.
4. Guelph, Ont.
5. Fredericton, N.B.
6. Kingston, Ont.
7. Moncton, N.B.
8. London, Ont.
9. Victoria, B.C.
10. Gander, Nfld.
>>:banana: :banana: :banana:

East beats west: This year, apart from Victoria, no cities west of
Ontario ranked among our top 10 places to live. Even Vancouver only managed to
finish at No. 15.

Best weather: Ottawa was rated as Canada's best overall place to live,
but our capital's cold, snowy winters aren't to everyone's taste. If you rank
the cities by weather alone, Cobourg, Ont. comes out on top, followed by
Leamington, Ont., and Port Hope, Ont.

Best places to retire: Québec City wins for its low crime rate, plentiful
doctors and decent weather. The runners-up were Kingston, Ont., and Victoria,

Where the money is: Fort McMurray, Alta., enjoys Canada's highest average
household income, which is a stunning $135,000 a year.

Bargain homes: Yorkton, Sask., features the lowest housing costs in the

For the complete package, pick up a copy of the May 2007 issue of
MoneySense, which is currently on newsstands-or visit for
comprehensive lists and rankings.

About MoneySense: MoneySense is Canada's personal finance and lifestyle
magazine. Packed with smart features, practical advice and easy-to-follow
financial tips on everything from home improvement to mutual funds, an average
MoneySense issue attracts 892,000 Canadians on the lookout for new ways to
save, invest and spend. is Canada's best all-around personal
finance Web site.
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I would not wanna live in Ottawa. Yikes.
I would not want to live in any of those.
I would not wanna live in Ottawa. Yikes.
And yet you live in Mississauga.....?

Anyway, it's strange how drastically some of the rankings have changed since last year, North Bay went from 15th place to 40th and incredibly, Grande Prairie went from 4th place last year to 99th place this year! WTF?
Very strange list. I wouldn't live in most of those cities in the top 10.
seems bunk to me .
I would not want to live in any of those.
Remember, not everyone is like you...
other then Victoria and London , maybe ottawa ( but too cold ) I agree with MR.X
No offense, but I would not live in any of those cities. I've seen some silly "best" lists in my time but this ranks #1.
Whats wrong with that list? Those are all known to be nice cities... Guelph, Victoria, Kingston, Q.C., Halifax, London.... whats the problem here? I'd move to some of those places in a heartbeat.
I could easily enjoy living in many of the cities in the top ten as well.
Nothing in the top ten appeals to me. I guess my taste in cities are different than Money Sense.

Here are some of the criteria for the list.

Weather maximum 20 points
Housing 15 points
Household Income 5 points
Discretionary Income 5 points
New Cars 5 points
Unemployment 10 points
Walk/Bike to work 10 points
Medical Professionals 7.5 points
Amenities 5 points
Attractions 4 points
This report is obviously distorted. We all know Montreal is Canada's Best Places to Live!

Suds placed 63rd. :eek:hno:
Toronto placed at 12th! We're number 12! We're number 12!
This report is obviously distorted. We all know Montreal is Canada's Best Places to Live!


I'd rank Montreal up there... it must be the most affordable large Canadian city, and think what your get for your money ;)

I'm all about value.
true... table dances are still only ten bucks there.
Oddly enough, there was another study of the best place to live in Canada, and my county's second most important town (after Windsor) Leamington won first place.
^^ That was last year's "Best places to live" list. I love how much the ranking of each city can change in just a year. :|
Dammit! I just moved from Ottawa to London!
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