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Canadian Cell Phone Carriers

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I wanted a thread to include any news and updates for all Canadian Cell Phone Carriers. I did a search but I didn't find anything that is similar. If there is such a thread, I appologize for duplicating it. I'm going to start off the thread with something pretty exciting for Canadians.

Rogers is the first provider in North America carrier to introduce the N95, 8GB edition. Recently, we've been doing better than the American providers so far in terms of releasing new phones (K850i is another example).

The Nokia n95 8GB is a great phone. If you’re Canadian and been itching for a carrier branded version complete with carrier customizations your wait is over.

Rogers just announced that they’re going to be carrying the n95 8GB. It’s going to be 399.99 on a 3 year (not sure if that’s on a Vision plan) or 599.99 straight up. The n95 8GB will be locked to Rogers.

One of the data plans available for it is 20 bucks a month, unlimited on device browsing (using Nokia’s terrific s60 browser), 2500SMS, “100’s” of MMS (the Rogers guy’s words) and unlimited web email. If you sign up on a 3 year then you also get unlimited Vision. The $7 unlimited on device browsing plan is also available.

If you add your own apps or use the Nokia email client (for POP or iMAP) then data is billed per kb (so don’t use your Slingbox unless you have WiFi). I asked how they can differentiate between the different types of data. One guy said they use deep packet inspection (the same thing Rogers uses to throttle bittorrent).

There are the typical Rogers customizations; separate Vision app, Music store that doesn’t work with the built-in music player, that sort of thing. It also appears to come with Telenav (which you have to pay to use) - Nokia’s mapping program is also available.

While I’m not thrilled with the customizations, I’m lukewarm about the plans. The data plans are incredibly limiting but the n95 has a pretty good browser so that makes things a little easier to bear.
Source: Howard Chui

Get this: the first North American carrier to offer up Nokia's 8GB N95 isn't AT&T. Heck, it's not even a US-based operator. No friends, it's Canada's own Rogers Wireless. Just as we had heard late last month, the N95 8GB has officially landed in the Great North, and starting on May 6th, consumers up that way will be able to secure one for a hefty $399.99 with a three-year activation on the Rogers Vision Unlimited On-Device Mobile Browsing Plan. Don't weep too heavily, AT&T users -- your time should be coming soon.
Source: Engadget Mobile

While this is good news, I do hope there will be more GSM providers soon to challenge the Rogers/Fido Monopoly. Telus is rumored to set up GSM in Whistler and Vancouver before 2010.

In other news: iPhone rumors have been circulating once again and Rogers has said this:

We're thrilled to announce that we have a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Canada later this year. We can't tell you any more about it right now, but stay tuned.
Ted Rogers, President & CEO of Rogers Canada

Now hopefully that will be the upcoming iPhone 3G rumored to be announced in June. That will really jump-start 3G usage in Canada.

Anyway, what cell phone carriers serve your region?
For Vancouver:
- Rogers/Fido
- Telus/Koodo
- Bell/Virgin
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Rogers / Fido
Telus / Koodo
Bell / Virgin

Rogers has a monopoly on GSM :(
TBayTel, Rogers, Bell, Telus and Fido. TBayTel, by far, has the best coverage. The other ones barely work downtown, let alone in the suburbs, and are pretty much useless outside of the city.
Telus... It irks me they're not GSM phones though...
Hang on a second...Tbay has suburbs????? :nuts:

:lol: *waits Vids comeback*
If you define a suburb as low density housing catering primarily to families, yes. If you define suburbs as surrounding municipalities in which most citizens work in a neighbouring larger city, then yes.
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