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The channel Midi in Toulouse

The Canal du Midi recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996, is considered one of the most important works of civil engineering, and was begun in the seventeenth century. Its extension is more than 240 km and has 65 locks (although originally they were 86).

The idea was simple, join river for navigation by the Atlantic Coast through France and flows into the Mediterranean Sea.
In this way they saved skirting the Iberian peninsula, reducing the travel over one month, plus added dangers for travel on those areas where there were bandits and pirates were avoided.

Initially was starting from Toulouse to the Mediterranean to the Atlantic then expanding.
Using water from the existing channels of rivers in the area and an ingenious system of revolutionary locks for the time, it can overcome a drop in their maximum height reaches 189 meters above sea level, which is a considerable height.

If at first it was built for the transport of goods currently has as main function to distribute more water for irrigation and the surrounding areas as well as tourist use.

In the video you are browsing the Garonne River and the Canal Side in Toulouse but you can see part of the Canal du Midi and how the locks work, an enjoyable trip that I recommend (8 adults euros and children under 12 years 6 euros) if these by Toulouse (France) and want to learn and use one of the milestones in the history of civil engineering.

For more info:
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