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#Canal Walk Extension - 2F - Retail - Century City | Complete

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Six stand-alone retail ‘pods’, totalling 16,000m2 of additional retail offering are being developed at Canal Walk Shopping Centre for an investment of R250 million.

The development is being undertaken by Madison Property Fund Managers on behalf of Canal Walk’s owners Hyprop Investments Limited (80%) and Ellerine Bros (Pty) Ltd (20%).

“Conceptually exciting, these retail pods will complement Canal Walk and will accommodate leading retailers who wish to benefit from the mall, but due to their size and nature of business, are not ideally suited to trading inside a shopping centre,” says Canal Walk CEO Wayne Abegglen.

The new pods are fashioned to provide a satellite retail offering alongside the shopping centre. They will be placed in strategic positions along Century Boulevard which traverses Canal Walk and approximately 1,000 new parking bays also will developed.

“The decision to extend the scope of retail at Canal Walk is underpinned by a growth in both retailer and customer demand. The additional retail element will ensure that Canal Walk continues to offer the most comprehensive shopping experience in Southern Africa,” says Canal Walk CEO, Wayne Abegglen.

The glass pods will each comprise of two storeys, forming ‘glazed lanterns’ which accentuate the centre’s entrances and major architectural features.

Glass has been selected as one of the core materials for these pods to effectively showcase both the retailer and the shopping centre itself as a background, creating a dynamic and constantly-changing appearance.

“Canal Walk Shopping Centre’s superlative position in the burgeoning node of Century City has contributed considerably to the continued growth in the centre’s visitors and turnover. Its central location in Cape Town has also won it a constantly growing popularity with retailers and we believe the retail pods will now allow quality retailers access to our centre,” notes Abegglen.

The development of Canal Walk’s innovative new retail pods is expected to be complete by mid 2009.
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^^ Naughty Mo! There you go again with your famous render-tease! :lol:
They put this stupid netting all around the areas they're building, so this is the best I could do, sorry:

As you can see, they're utilising those single-storey parking areas that used to be there. They've also demolished some of the existing parking lot.
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As you can see, they're utilising those single-storey parking areas that used to be there. They've also demolished some of the existing parking lot.
Much of that parking was for staff. The staff parking area has now moved to the roof.
Was there yesterday. They very busy, suprised work has already started. Work around the rest of century city is really speeding up. Its amazing the pace at which some of these projects are developing.
Yeah the spaces are filling up very quickly. I can remember the days when the road into Century City from Summer Greens was pretty's now almost full.
I think it fits with the rest of the building...could be better but yeah.
I think its hideous
i have to agree. it looks like big box mica style stores...
Any news on the progress? I'd like to see a bigger render so I can see exactly what's going on with those "pods"...unfortunately I can't seem to find anything.
was there last week and I recon these will be great, they are absolutly massive and have fantastic visabilty from N1
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