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Canary Wharf this afternoon

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Let's take a short walk around Canary Wharf

Citigroup HQ (25 Canada Square)

Corner of HSBC (8 Canada Square)

A little close-up

In case somebody wishes to have some rest

1 Churchill Place

Viewing up (8 Canada Square)

Street level

The footbridge

1 Canada Square

1 Churchill Place]/img]


The footbridge once more

25 Canada Square

1 Canada Square

DLR train passing

Approaching the tube station

Time to say goodbye, I'll miss CW for the whole next week or even more :wave:
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great pics..thank you
look very dense
Some of the best Canary Wharf pictures I've seen lately. :)
Yep, London packs a considerable punch as far as urban quality is concerned and certainly CW is on the leading edge with regards to this. I am looking forward to see the LBT rising though. This will be the Euroscraper to be discussed for the next decades to come.

...and John, thanks for the pics mate, all tops :)
great pics. I love canary warf!!!
Fantastic pics! Canary Wharf is!
Great! :cheers:
Which camera do you use?

oh God, do i love CW!!!!!! one canada square is simply gorgeous!!!
Great pics @John. I wish I saw them earlier. ;)
I love CW, and I hope Western Center in Warsaw will look like that someday.

The facade of this building is very similar to the facade of Rondo 1.
John said:
Let's take a short walk around Canary Wharf

A little close-up

Rondo 1 by paolo
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Great pics, it was a pity for me coz i hadnt time to visit Canary Wharf in my last visit to London. Maybe next time.

However, i hope they build a new tallest soon (like London Bridge Tower) coz i dont like 1 Canada Sq (at least, as the tallest in town!).
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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