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Canary Wharf this afternoon

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Let's take a short walk around Canary Wharf

Citigroup HQ (25 Canada Square)

Corner of HSBC (8 Canada Square)

A little close-up

In case somebody wishes to have some rest

1 Churchill Place

Viewing up (8 Canada Square)

Street level

The footbridge

1 Canada Square

1 Churchill Place]/img]


The footbridge once more

25 Canada Square

1 Canada Square

DLR train passing

Approaching the tube station

Time to say goodbye, I'll miss CW for the whole next week or even more :wave:
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nice pics. what kind of camera is that by the way?

oh yeah, are the people in london or europe in general not use to skyscrapers? beceuse i hear of a lot about canary wharf on this forum, i think the other side of london is a better eye candy in my opinion. c.w. does not even look like london.
Canary Warf has some top modern architecture, but from those pictures, the place looks empty! Everything is clean too.
Indeed, it wasn't crowded, it still needs more liveliness to be brought in but I still love it. :)
As for the architecture and planning it's simply amazing, that's the way massive modern developments should be happening in this century.
Canary Wharf is pretty close to London City Airport. Is there any height limit placed on the buildings at Canary Wharf because of this relatively lightly used airport?
texasboy, skyscrapers are not the norm, the urban landscape has always concerned the very detailed ground experience of the individual, and in Europe its usually a dense exeprience so from purely an individual scale a skyline can make little difference.

Obviously this has been seen not to be the case, especially when you have a huge river running through the city offering wonderful vantage points.

But the idea that this doesnt look like London may seem true, but in essence London is a collection of individual towns and villages, each area with its very own character. Most of the obvious tourist stuff is in Westminster, but that is very different from The City, Camden, Southwark, Whitechapel, Hampstead, Chelsea, Kensington, Notting Hill, Whitechapel, Islintgton, Shoreditch......etc

Canary Wharf is one of those towns and villages, well a city, that is now very much apart of teh diverse fabric that is London.

Rapid, it is very busy during business hours, but they are yet to explode the residential section so its all strictly business and cafes and bars for those business people. But there is much more to come.

Nick, there is a height limit. The arabs behind the New Columbus tower set for construction threatened to buy the airport if they objected to their building. I am unsure about the details of teh restriction though.
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Superb captures!!!
:eek2: I still can't believe someone yelled at me once when I said how much I love Canary Wharf.
This is City Airport.

The height limit at Canary Wharf is approximately 240m. Hopefully some organisation or somebody will buy the airport at some point in the future, close it down, and allow the Docklands to build skyscrapers up to 300m and beyond. Probably just wishful thinking though. :)

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Nice, I'd like to see more at ground level though...

wow, i LOVE the pictures. some of them look almost surreal. very clean looking buildings, square and uniform, but i really like them. you captured their forms nicely. what kind of camera is it? i'm guessing DSLR
Great pics! I love the buildings CW has. Definately one of Europe's skyscraper captials (if not THE capital). I can't begin to imagine how huge it will be in 20 yrs time, esp considering London's unrivaled financial strength.
nakedyak said:
wow, i LOVE the pictures. some of them look almost surreal. very clean looking buildings, square and uniform, but i really like them. you captured their forms nicely. what kind of camera is it? i'm guessing DSLR
Thanks :D
My cam is not even close to any kind of SLR, just an ordinary old 2Mpixel Canon, though I'll sure get a better one as I'll have $ to finance this :)
really nice
There are plans to expand London City Airport.
i see reuters, my mom works there lol

Missed this one off!
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GREAT pics! u've inspired me to go to Canary Wharf tomoz just to take pics :D

i love the cluster around Canary Wharf..

"expand expand expand" is what i say! its got the pretty much ONLY decent skyline in Greater London,.. The City's skyline's full of architectural freaks; DO NOT even mention Bromley and Croydon's skyline, coz they should really be Kent and Surrey's, Harrow's skyline's proabably makin Chairman Mao a very happy man in Commie Heaven too! :crazy: ARRGHHH! NO DECENT SKYLINES EXCEPT THIS ONE! we need more of the Canary Wharf cluster: MORE!!! :D:D:D
Some stunning photos here, particularly good for a 2 megapixel camera :)
wjfox2002 said:
gotta love that pic. Class :)
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