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#CANCELLED: "Sabah Al Ahmad International Finance Center", 40F, ?M, Offices & Hotel

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Project Name : SIFC - Sabah Al Ahmad International Financial Center
Client: Al-Shaab Real Estate Co.
Project Type: Office
Engineering Consultants: KEO International Consultants
Status: Approved
Location: Kuwait city
Area: 6000 m²/19685 ft²
Hight/Floors: Unknown / 40
Start/Complete: Unknown / Unknown

OLD DESIGN BY Bernard Khoury
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its location is the best next to alraya and alhamra :)
the design is amazing really unique
thanx skouli
^^ well its design is creative and glassy :)
lol, its like a lovely stupid square ;)
q8 shaggy

i said im not sure if this is the same thing ?? :S
hmmm,, i dont know.... we'll see in the future
just leave it, i think its the same company ;p
i like how there are more than two towers in the site, but the designs are a bit unoriginal

this is the website for shaab real estate the company behind this project... the site is still under-con.

The municipality approves Sabah Al-Ahmad International Financial Center

Area of 6 thousand square meters in Sharq.

General manager municipality Engineer Ahmed Subeih approved the request of the Shaab National real estate company to establish Sabah Al-Ahmad International Financial Center on block 7 of Sharq district.

He said the project consists of a commercial tower on all the land plot resulting from the merger area of 6000 square meters, the tower contains a hotel for businessmen allowed by the proportion of assessments for the real estate construction. The tower also contains offices for commercial use on the remainder of the total construction space allowed on the property.
LOL,, maybe they need to double check :tongue2:
THATS IT !!! 40 freaking floors

that disappointing on a 6000 m2 plot,,, really i mean n their fence they actually wrote "its worth waiting for" !! for a 40 floor tower :(
the model of sabah alahmed financial center, sorry for the quality its from the newspaper.

i think it was al ro2iya :p

الرؤية its one of the new newspapers that are being distributed free
its modern looking, nice i like the facade. Will bring density to Sharq
no i didn't :S. i thought it was the glass texture or something, it would be amazing if there were wind turbines and the roof would be covered with solar energy cells :)

i think this should be Kuwait's other stock exchange market place...
yeah it does look different! especially the hall thing at the bottom
1 - 16 of 17 Posts
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