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#CANCELLED: "Sabah Al Ahmad International Finance Center", 40F, ?M, Offices & Hotel

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Project Name : SIFC - Sabah Al Ahmad International Financial Center
Client: Al-Shaab Real Estate Co.
Project Type: Office
Engineering Consultants: KEO International Consultants
Status: Approved
Location: Kuwait city
Area: 6000 m²/19685 ft²
Hight/Floors: Unknown / 40
Start/Complete: Unknown / Unknown

OLD DESIGN BY Bernard Khoury
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I personally find it ugly... it looks rather more european than islamic.
thanks a lot!
kuwaiti_patriot said:

just wanted to clear something up for YeMeNi guy: the Islamic elements in this building are very subtle. as you can see, the entire edifice is designed to be very modern and strikingly simple. in the renderings of the building, you'll notice that halfway up the building are several floors of small and interestingly-shapen windows. they represent mashrabiyas, the old carved wooden window covers on old Islamic buildings.

if you look at the Radisson SAS Hotel Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), that hotel has mashrabiya windows on all of the guest room windows. also, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have plenty of old structures that feature these windows.

Khoury's integration of these mashrabiya-esque windows are supposed to remind people of old Islamic architectural elements, while combining them with the bold ideas of the twenty-first century.

hope that helps.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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