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Cannock's skyfakers

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Driving from Wolverhampton to Ashbourne, the road is littered with tall-ish office buildings. It seems weird for somewhere as sparsely populated as Cannock. They're not particularly in the centre of anywhere, all out-of-town developments, and usually centering business parks. I was wondering if this is an oddity, or if it's just because I'm so familiar with this road that I spot them. What's the attraction to building tall(ish) here?

Ramada Birmingham North

Falcon Point / Park Plaza

Virage Park

Lakeside Plaza

Clustered together in the town centre they might make a cool skyline. As it is they at least make the journey interesting, mini-skyscrapers popping up every now and then.

I'm sure there's more, I just can't find them.
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I guess it's Cannock's location by the motorway networks. Didn't these spring up after the the M6 Toll opened? I know that the two tallest ones are right by it. The funny thing is, they'd be welcomed with open arms in any of our larger cities yet they're in smalltown Cannock. :D
Could do with a cluster of these (not to this style though) by HS2 Station at UK Central.
Found another one, same company, this time in Rugeley just up the road. Towers Plaza:

Large image:

Where on earth is that in Rugeley? I've never seen it whilst driving through. But it does look the one(s) in Cannock.
It's on the eastern bypass, the newish re-directed A51 that runs past the power station. Brereton area out towards Armitage. If you drive through the middle of Rugeley (old A51) then you won't see it.
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Yeah it forms a point at the back of Amazon for some reason, not sure who'd be driving that way to it though other than from Lichfield. The towers of the power station stop it being a real landmark of any sort. Which I guess leads me to my initial question, which is why they were built like this, when there's clear land for conventional business park offices.
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Oh yeah. I don't think I've been on that new road. Looking on Google Street View, the mini scraper and cooling towers form a great little skyline viewed from this angle. :D
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I love cooling towers on a skyline.
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You would. Specifically big and red ones. ;)
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What's not to like about big and red things? ;)
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