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Rei dels Conills
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Hi, I can' see new posts about my city (barcelona, spain), just old ones in polish...(which i don't understand)....

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You can set your preferences within the NEW icon with special filters.

How To Filter New Posts To Only Display Specific Section(s)

You can accomplish this by setting a custom default filter on the new posts page.

Step 1 Navigate to the specific forum you want to focus on and click "Follow Forum".

Step 2 From the navigation, near the upper right-hand corner, click on NEW.

This will open a new page of new posts for you. On the new page, click on filters.

Now you can adjust the filters to work for your personal preferences, such as the example above and save it as the default.

Make sure to click the "filter" button to save it, at the bottom.

If you have more questions about the new platform, please use our Community Feedback thread so that we can keep everything together.

- Cricket

Matias MsMs
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Hi, I want to join to this.

Once inside the topic, how can I know which posts are new? i mean... in the previous version there was a small colorful icon that points you which one was new.
I was used to, so i did a quickly sight to check.
Is there any mark like that now?

Thank you.

EDIT: BTW, thanks for information, is better than before, but i need to know my concern.
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