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Canterbury, Melbourne

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Canterbury, Melbourne
Maling Road

Snooty but nice.
Enjoy. :)

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very noice .... its only 10 minutes away from my abode

The old hotel above would have been great in its heyday, just offices now I think.
You can see the hotel just to the left of this old postcard below as well.

Where abouts is this suburb?
Where abouts is this suburb?
Eastern side of Melbourne city, between Balwyn, Camberwell and Surrey Hills.
Thanks Collector. Canterbury always had its own genteel but trendy character - and, typical of the place really, one of the best antiquarian bookstores in Melbourne.

Haven't been out to browse for a while, but I think it's still there, across Canterbury Rd and just down from the reception rooms there.

Also famous as the home suburb of Jeff and What's her name, Mrs Kennett. That about sums up the social setting, really.:)

Edit: Felicity, of course. How could it have been anything else?
you just bought back SO many memories of my childhood. :)
Canterburry is second or sometimes 3rd most expensive suburb in Melbourne after Toorak (and sometimes Brighton)

Canterburry's Monomeath Ave is Melbourne answer to Jutland Parade in Perth
Canterbury's Monomeath Ave is Melbourne answer to Jutland Parade in Perth
There is no answer to Monomeath Avenue, Canterbury 3126. Get me in there!!!:)
Great post, The Collector. My favourite is the former Post Office building on the corner.

BTW you 'forgot' a lesser-known Canterbury building... the quasi-religious Emulation Hall. I still have no idea what the story is behind this place...

Check out the bizarre beetle motif!
It's certainly an interesting place Peter, kind of like a country town High Street in the middle of the city. You've captured it beautifully.

Hope you don't mind in I add some from my thread in the Urban Showcase section.

Maling Rd Canterbury.

Maling Rd is a picturesque shopping strip in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Canterbury. The road has managed to retain some of the character of an early-mid 20th century shopping district, with separate green grocers, butchers and other produce shops. Although extensively gentrified it is still a relaxing and pleasant place to spend an autumn afternoon.
Also, for those of you who follow pop music (and the soap opera Neighbours) this is the area where Kylie and Danni Minogue grew up.

I visited a couple of weeks ago with my trusty camera. After getting of the train at the convenient Canterbury station - this is what I saw:

Murals line the laneway next to the elevated train tracks.

Looking east.

Donnini's do very good freshly made pasta. They have stores all throughout Melbourne.

I'm in two minds about retaining the powerlines as is, or burying them. They are certainly in character with the era of Maling Rd, but still ugly none-the-less.

Bennet's - from when Canterbury was still a rural (frontier) village.

Gotta love those pressed tin celings.

The old post office.

The amazing old hotel.

I then went for a little stroll up Canterbury Rd for a gander at the local area.

Interesting Masonic Hall.

The beautiful little Cantebury Park.

And then back to the station for the train home.

^^ Well done Gappa! :eek:kay:
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