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This thread is about picture and discussions about modified or decorated vehicles. People who like to personalize their vehicles are getting more and more common. Sometimes the result is nice, other times IMHO horrible but it's just a matter of aestethics.

In Italy all modifications of motor vehicles must be approved by the "Motorizzazione Civile" that certificates their safety and lawfulness and reported on the "Carta di Circolazione" (vehicle's document). Vehicles illegally modificated could be confiscated by police.
You can paint your car's body or fill it with stickers but you cannot put anything on windows. However this rule isn't practically enforced and there are many things that are usually sticked on the glass, such the insurance sticker (mandatory), the "disco orario" (for parking where there are time restrictions) and the vignettes for various European countries.

From the cultural point of view here in Italy driving a modificated car, especially with poweful stereos and disco-like colorful neon lights is often associated with being "truzzi" or "tamarri" (*). Those terms are used, often in a pejorative or humorous sense, to describe those who go often to the disco, like techno and house music, wear always expensive branded clothes just to show them to other, post a lot of stupic pics of themselves on FB and drive through the city with loud music and all windows open.

(*)It's a thipical Italian thing, you can't translate those words in another languages. In English probably the closer words are "chav" (BrE) or "*******" (AmE).

Let's admire some "beauties" that I spotted around. In many cases such cars are very convenient to sell because filling their tanks is enough to double their value. :D
If you want to laugh more, just type "chav cars" or "******* cars" on Google Images.

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