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Hello guys! Selamta lehulachihu yidress...

I am new here, you seem to have a pretty nice forum.

So, please do allow me to ask you some questions around cars and exporting them from Europe to Ethiopia. What do I have to know before sending a used car to Addis?

I just want to sell my 12-year-old car in Addis. Is it a good idea at all to send a used car to Ethiopia?

I look forward to your opinion.

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If you have lived for more than five years abroad then go to Ethiopian Embassy in the country you live and get a "Franco-Valuta" letter. This will give you permission to send your car to Ethiopia without a license that is given to car dealers in Ethiopia. To obtain such letter, you must let the embassy know that you will be moving "for good" to Ethiopia and need personal vehicle to function. If you don't have the "Franco-Valuta" option, then you can send your car via a dealer in Ethiopia for a small fee (maybe ~20,000 - 30,000 birr... as requested by the dealer). Remember, regardless of the letter, you are still required to pay tax on the vehicle. Tax may not be required if you have Investment License or are diplomat.

Tax is determined primarily on the number of cylinders of the car you are importing plus engine size. Number of seats also play a factor i.e., two door cars tend to be cheaper than four doors.

Here is a website that might give you an idea to determine if it is a good idea to send your used car to Ethiopia.

If you ask me, I don't think it is a wise investment and there is a good chance you will lose money on it especially if the model and make of your car is foreign to the Ethiopian market.

Below you will find additional information from The Ethiopian Revenues and Custom Authority. Hope this helps
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