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CASA INDAH 2 | Petaling Jaya (Kota Damansara)

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Hi thought of starting a new thread since I have bought one unit in this vicinity.The project is under Dijaya
Decided to move to K Damansara area as its nearer to my office and wanted to try the Pee Jay environment.

A sneak preview on the show unit ...but this ones is the 1st phase show unit ..the show unit that I saw was totally different already ...

Bought my [email protected] Block B few week back ....
Selling price was 350k and 15k for additional carpark the 7% bumi disc and additional 8k promo disc.
Not bad , the type was 1215sf with that "weird" maid room outdoor ..
Decided on the extra room unit after seeing the unit beside the show house hacked the room and transform into a spacious wet kitchen+yard+laundry wife just fall in love and on the spot decided 1215sf ... Very Happy Very Happy
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u moving out from Seri Maya?

Just beside the kota damansara township I guess....the junction turning to tropicana golf or opposite Kelab Golf Seri Selangor.
haha. we are the same. i rented out mine for a year already. feel like moving to RGE once i get the key, but think will be better of if i rent it out too. ha ha.
:( seems like it lo ..a tad bit far and spending too much on toll+petrol the rental in SM is good !!
DUn worry my 1st house , will return back later it too much
my next door neighbour is my agent ;)

Oh really to share wheter you find and agent or just find the tenant yourselves..i am still blur of where to start
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