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Cash for clunkers

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Ok, everyone has heard of this right? I don't know the specifics on all this but I think if you bring in an old car, not more than 25 years old and you buy a car with better fuel economy, you can earn up to 4,500.

This is why it pisses me off.....

What about all the people in this country who DO NOT OWN A CAR! What about the people who have been taking public transportation all their life OR people who sell their car for whatever reason and now just use public transport?

So sell your environment killing car for a less environmental killing car, uncle sam will pay you. BUT never pollute...or decide to pollute even less, you get jack squat, besides higher rider fares.

Anyone else with me on this??
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Here's my issue with the prgramme:
Over the years I've lived in LA I've had a Ford Festiva, Subaru Justy, Chevy Aveo, and Ford Focus. All are very small cars by American standards and all get at least 34mpg on the open road. The reason why I bought them is because they're good city cars and because of the fuel economy (to help my pocketbook and the environment).

Many Los Angelenos (and Americans in general) bought SUV's and trucks as status symbols early this decade. Fuel was cheap and they would never use the truck for its intended purpose. The closest they would ever go to go off-roading would be a trip to Blockbuster to rent "Jurassic Park". Their reasons to buy was because of looks, a false sense of security, and that fuel will always be cheap.

Last year fuel prices spiked to unheard prices and these same people were stuck with their gas-guzzlers. They made a poor decision and had little foresight of what could happen. They realised they really didn't need such a big vehicle, but couldn't couldn't sell them,

Now the government has offered them a way out and is "rewarding" them for their poor decision. People like myself, who have always had fuel efficient cars and made sensible choices get nada. For years I've had to put up with Hummers and other large SUV's threaten to run me over on the roads and watch them waste their fuel. Now they get paid by the government by my tax dollars!? It's infuriating and unfair.
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