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CASTLES of ITALY - Aerial Cinematic Views

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Vigoleno village belongs to the Municipality of Vernasca, set in the eastern hills of the Province, on the ridge between Ongina river’s valley and Stirone river’s valley in Italy.
This cinematic aerial video was entirely filmed with a DJI Inspire 2 Drone, mounting a Zenmuse X7 Camera and the 35mm lens. The video was shot in 5k resolution in DLog (ProRes).
Located between the Geological Reserve and Stirone River’s Park, is one of the most fascinating and full of history medieval villages in the Piacenza Province. Its massively and still undamaged fortified walls dominate the countryside and the vineyards even today. Since 2002, it has been certified by A.N.C.I. as one of the "Most beautiful villages in Italy" and Italian Touring Club gave it a special Orange Flag. The area is also on the path of the "Via Francigena". Vigoleno was built as a defensive post. Climbing the narrow and steep paths, the visitors find themselves in a labyrinth, where the borders between the village and the castle slowly vanish.
The different light conditions during the day reflect on this kind of stone creating magical atmospheres, beautiful images in every season and breathtaking views. The fortified village has an elliptical layout, still extraordinarily complete and full of historical remnants, and it is surrounded by powerful embattled walls. A rampart walk runs along its imposing walls and you’ll find an amazing panoramic view of the Stirone river’s valley.
The town is dominated by a square stronghold pierced by arrow-slits and topped with swallow-tailed battlements. The rampart walk leads from the stronghold to the second tower. Residential buildings are located near the smaller tower.
Going beyond the defensive walls, you’ll find the square (“piazza”), that faces the Oratory of Madonna delle Grazie and San Giorgio Parish, built in the 12th century in Romanesque piacentino style.
Room with a view
For a fairy-tale overnight stay, it is possible to rent a suite inside Vigoleno Castle. All the suites have old-fashioned original furnishings but also all the modern comforts necessary to make your stay perfect.
Inside the big tower, there is an interesting display on local history and architecture.
Besides typical Piacenza dishes, the real first quality product is Vin Santo di Vigoleno, a delicious passito (wine made from dried grapes) made by few local farms in limited production. They served it chilled, 8-9 degrees, with tasty cheese. The area belongs to the "Food and Wine Trail of Colli Piacentini".
In Vernasca, not far from Vigoleno (8 km) you can visit The Ancient Parish of S. Colombano surrounded by a small garden, that often hosts live music concerts. Near the surviving walls of the Church you can find the ancient rectory, that nowadays houses the Via Francigena Visitors Center. Castell’Arquato, also featured in the video, is 10 km far from Vigoleno. It’s a charming and suggestive medieval village. Also featured is a gorgeous Villa / Castle being restored. The Villa is a few km from Fidenza.
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