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CBD > 27 Little Collins St > 32L / mixed / 100m

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New project started
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can someone smarter than me explain construction with the crane in the middle of the tower footprint?
Well that's my job site I work there. In regards to the crane we just build around it and at the end we pull it out and fill it in
Can't match silvermb and PORTO-STAR's shots (though I worked my way up the carpark, trying to dodge that damn tree!), so here's one of 27's neighbours. I'd always wondered where the Consulate for Monaco was hiding.

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^^ Great pix Redden. Thanks for the updates.

Love that Monaco House.

Have wondered for a while though why there is a need for a Monaco Consulate here though.
Base pour for core is done bring on the jump form will post pics tomorrow
The hotel manager will be Sheraton Hotels.

Also I'm not sure if this will be a good investment for the punters as most of the apartments will lose thier views when The Windsor redevelopment is completed.
But is the Windsor development still proceeding? Hmmm

Even if it isn't now, it will surely some time in the future, so either way, someone will miss out.
1 - 20 of 100 Posts
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