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While I'm very excited about the CBD's Rivertown precinct, I'm also very excited that the city's historic high street shopping strip, West Street / Pixley Ka Seme, is finally getting some attention. Most significantly, historic buildings are being coverted into apartments and apparently, parts of some of them, into hotels too. Here's the vacinity map for all the new developments. Will start new threads for each, but thought a thread was needed for the masterplan overview. Very excited that Propertuity is involved in this!! With the creation of the Linear Park through West / Pixley Street (which equates to less traffic noise), these developments could be very nice to live in.


If I'm not mistaken, two of the buildings being refurbished are in this render (Bales Building is the blue and white/grey building, next to the red building on the left; Pixley House is the grey art deco building in the middle of the pic, on the left hand side).

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