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Discussion Starter · #1 ·'s official, the site has been boarded up with tarpaulin showing the render! :)

Info / Location:

The Cebu Provincial Government's 20-storey building that will rise on
the site of the BAEX building in the Capitol compound that costs P1. 5B loan.
---site already fenced with the tarp.

The old BAEX building, which is beside the executive building of the Capitol
and used to house a post office, was abandoned after it was heavily damaged
during an earthquake in October 2013

source: Photos by @Maddox Grey / @SSC-Cebu FB


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For Php1B+ budget, seems reasonable for me. Mahal na ron ang cost of construction compare to about 5 years ago.

About sa design, ambot lang ha, i kind of like the rectangular design. I mean, naa lang siguro ko bias gamay kay para man gud nako, government buildings, mas ganahan ko nga medyo prudent ang iya design kaysa fancy kaayo.

Siguro ko ipareha pareha ni gamay sa Ayala HQ Building sa Cebu Business Park, mora'g mas OK kaysa all-glass siya.

For me lang gud ha...Kung ako lang gud matuman, I prefer government building to have standard design. Kana gani'ng igtan-aw pa lang nimo sa layo, maka-ila na dayon ka nga government building siya.

Na-bias lang gud siguro ko, mga bossing ha...Kay sa Hong Kong man gud, ila kasagaran government building kay unified ang design. No fancy elements but seems the design can survive thru time...Dili mokaraan ba.

Mao ni ang Ayala HQ sa CBP:

Ang color scheme sa Ayala HQ, ganahan ko kay medyo warm siya pero di pud pang summer nga warm.

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Although the intentions are good, I do not like this building near our capitol. If William Parson would be alive, he surely would have a heart attack. Wla na gali na sunod ang road plan na gi layout in the early 20th century, tuparan pagyud ang kapitolyo ug rectangular modern office-like building :( The avenida from fuente to the capitol could have been our version of DC's national mall.
1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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