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How do you rate Cedar Rapids, Iowa?

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Cedar Rapids - USA

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Cedar Rapids is one of the largest cities in the state of Iowa, with a city population of 120,758 and a metro population of 196,202.
One unique thing about this city is that its city hall is located on an island, a trait seen in both Paris and Tokyo.


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For a city its size, it does have a pretty good skyline, but it lacks density and individuality. I give it a 5/10.
The downtown is very larege for a city it's size, and for that it gets a 7/10 for me. The buildings do look outdated, and like other cities in this area, it looks trapped in the 70's.
Skyline is not bad, but buildings are very boring. 5,5/10
GUYS, STOP sendin' boring USA towns. 10x.
If I recall correctly, Cedar Rapids is a city not unlike Charlotte, NC in that it bulldozed most of its historic architecture and is now rebuilding its downtown, with success, in an attempt to make up for what it lost. I know that Cedar Rapids has also instituted a successful and admirable public art campaign that has littered the downtown area with sculptures. Overall, I like it, especially for making such interesting use of that downtown island. However, it looks like it could use more density and more green space. I think I'll go with a 7.

Cedar Rapids is a rarely seen or mentioned city. The most popular cities in Iowa (as far as being mentioned often) seems to be Des Moines, Davenport and Duluth. I gave it my rating just because the fact it's a rare sight, the skyline is decent for it's size and the location of the city hall is unique.

By the way, that island looks like a ship. I wonder if that's by accident? :lol:
Nice setting with the island. A boring skyline, however. - 3.5/10.
5...only becuase of city hall is on an island.
I would really hate to see this city in a flood...

Anyways, I like the layout of the city/skyline...not bad.

Nothing interesting. A 5.5.
Looks very quaint and charming. When I saw the pic I immediately thought, "Paris!"
Im gonna go with 7... Its alot better then I thought it would be, When I saw the title I expected nothing. But downtown looks pretty nice and it does have a Euro Vibe to it....
nice for a city that size and it has 2 pretty tall buildings but they need more tall buildings in downtown all i see are empty spaces 7.5/10
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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