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Center of NYC?

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Midtown is near the geographic center of Manhattan. It has Times Square, the "crossroads of the world". It has the most symbolic (and oldest?) skyscrapers such as the ESB and the Chrysler. It has Grand Central station.

Downtown is near the geographic center of the five boroughs (as is Midtown). It's where the first New Yorkers settled permanently. It's the financial center of the city. It's home to the former and future tallest buildings in the city. It's the first of the two that the outer boroughs wanted access to via a bridge (and subway?).

There may be different opinions. If you had to choose, where would you consider to be the "center" of NYC?

Excuse me if this question has already been asked.
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..I should say that downtown is near the geographic center of the five boroughs AND Jersey.

Perhaps it can be argued that everything south of Central Park is equally central. :dunno:..including the village.
A rough guess I'd pick the ESB.....give or take. You can head in any direction from here and have NYC, / Manhattan around you. More mass to the North but then Lower Manhattan has to be a balance.
Penn Station
I would say that the modern "center" of the city is at 5th and 59th
5th and 59th

Although, I would like to say Bedford Avenue and North 7th in Brooklyn.

I would also agree with 5th and 59th.
Most maps seem to put the center marker in the Financial District. For the heck of it on GoogleEarth, zooming into the 'red dot' for New York down to the ground, it ends up on Broadway between Chambers and Reade Sts., or the former Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building... structure now identified as city offices. Emigrant is the oldest savings bank in the city, and the largest privately owned in the country. Seems appropriate!
world trade center site. :)
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