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Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX)

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I've noticed that we don't have a thread dedicated to LYNX here, so I thought I would go ahead and create one. There's been a lot going down the pipeline during the past year, with efforts continuing this year.

Recently completed initiatives:

  • Launch of PawPass (Mobile Ticketing App, may evolve into Regional Fare Collection w/SunRail and Votran).
  • Launch of the NeighborLink App (there will be further enhancements later).
  • Launch of the LYNX "See and Say" App, which allows customers to report suspicious activities directly to LYNX and in-turn law enforcement, from one app.
  • Launch of Real-Time Bus Tracking.
  • Shifting of AccessLink Paratransit to a Mobility Management Structure.

Ongoing initiatives include the LYNX Forward route optimization and restructuring project, which LYNX is currently gathering feedback for.

I'll also be posting my photos from my various transit excursions (I will need to upload them to my website first due to Photobucket no longer allowing customers to post to message boards, etc. without a paid membership).
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Paw Pass is awesome. Except doesn't take American Express which is not cool. But to be able to use your smartphone as a ticket is great. Especially for those like me Who can't always get downtown to get a week pass or month pass. Not to mention it doesnt need wifi for your ticket to show. Just a working camera lens!

Now the LYNX Orlando Mobile Bus tracking app is interesting.
It only works with 4G or WiFi. Low speed data will not help you using this app. I've found that Lynx buses are usually accurately located on the real time tracker, although not every bus is connected. I live on Link 8's route where buses run very frequent and some of those 8's dont show up bus tracking app but will sneak up in person. Makes it incredibly frustrating. For the buses who do show up, it's about 90% accurate so not too bad.

Lynx drivers have heavy feet so sometimes the GPS can't keep up with the bus and it may be off by a few seconds.

Lynx is a great system with not so great connections ans transfer points. The talking buses and live marquee does help on the bus because on some of the buses you can not see clearly out of the window with that ridiculous advertising wrap on the window. But there is an automated voice and text sign that lets you know where you are , and the transfer feeder routes.
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I only learned last week about the mobile pay option. I was impressed with LYNX
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