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Part 2 of my photo tour


Random shots on the way to Piccadilly circus

Piccadilly Circus

Let's take a short ride. The good thing about long MB Citaro buses is that you don't need a ticket to ride in it (well officially you need a ticket but it's always more exciting to go without it :D)

Flags in Trafalgar square

Various views from the square

Lots of policemen in the square, some protest action against Blair was underway

The protesters :|

St. Paul's Cathedral

View of St.Paul's Cathedral from Millenium Bridge

Random tourists

View from Tate Modern gallery (the gallery sucks but from upper floors some nice views appear)

Inside the Tate Modern

Waterloo Station

Entrance of Waterloo station

Inside the station

That's all :)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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