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Centrally located watering hole

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Hey guys,

I just joined an alumni club in Seattle for my college in North Carolina and we're looking for a new bar/restaurant to host events like watching basketball and football games on the big screen. I was wondering if you all had any suggestions of venues that would fit the following criteria:

* Satellite for picking up regionally televised games (from NC)
* Big screen, good sound.
* Management willing to work with us and open early on Sundays.
* Not smoky.
* Kid friendly
* An area/room we can have for ourselves.
* Decent microbrews.
* Good, cheap food.
* Central location.
* Ample Parking.

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Is this a UNCC alumnus club? If so, maybe I should join! :D

Anywhere downtown would probably be OK.
Haha, I was looking at Buckley's on Queen Anne but they are somewhat expensive and parking can be tricky. Any suggestions in particular, other than Hooters!?! I was thinking somewhere on the periphery of downtown where parking is more readily available.
PNK Lounge, Fox Sports Grill, Sport the sports bar, Spitfire, Copper Cart, that restaurant that connects to Gameworks...
The Fox Sports Grill or the Taphouse Grill downtown would be great spots. The Ram at either Northgate or U-Village would also be good choices.....
The U of Colorado Alums have already claimed Sullys on Queen Anne :D
Thanks guys! It's a UNC alumni group!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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