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Ceremonies in Cambodia

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Ceremonies in Cambodia. Hi everyone let talk about some main ceremonies in Cambodia such as Khmer new year, Pchum ben day, Buddhsim day, etc in purpose for you guys in oversea, local, as well as foreigner know about Our ceremony. And today i just came back from pagoda to join Pchum ben ceremony which is one of the main ceremony in Cambodia.
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The streets are so quiet these days in Phnom Penh :)

Pchum Ben Ceremony

Pchum Ben is a most important holiday and cultural event in Cambodia. Officially it is a celebration of one's ancestors, honoring them and offering sacrifices to free their spirits. In its showing respect for the dead, it is like All Souls Day in the West, and, indeed, the Vatican has given permission for the Catholic Church in Cambodia to celebrate All Souls Day during Pchum Ben, instead of on November 2nd, so that Cambodian Catholics will feel at one with their culture. Pchum Ben has another dimension, too. It is expected that everyone must return to his or her home village in the various provinces to honor the ancestors. This family dimension and the need to go home is similar to the cultural imperative most Americans feel at Thanksgiving.

Catholics in Phnom Penh celebrated the day with a liturgy in the morning followed by a ceremony at a stupa where cremation ashes for an honored few persons are kept on the church grounds.
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Very nice Video (HD QUALITY) from Pchum Ben in Komping Speu
Thanks khmerpride for nice video. :) after this happy pchum ben we will enjoy another big ceremony which is Water festival. That time pp city will full of people and vehicle. We will see boat race, Loy brotip(a kind of small boat decorated with khmer traditional) we will see Chaktomuk river(4 face river in front of royal palace) with colourful of Protib. But before this nice festival come, let see King's coronation day on 29 october and the majesty king Sihaknou's birthday on 31 october.
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water festival in cambodia 2009

Bon Om Touk or Water Festival is one of my favorite holidays in Camboida. I like to watch the brotit and the firework at night nat.

Day time( boat racing)

At night:banana::banana::banana:

The brotit

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I like Bon Om Touk the most and always wish to visit Cambodia in this festival.
^^Me too....and this about to come, anyone planing to visit Cambodia????
20, 21, 22, this November. Cambodia will celebrated a big festival which is Water festival known as Bon om touk. Some Asean country like Singapore, Lao, vietnam, Thailand, etc also send thier boat racer to compete with cambodian boat racer. During these 3 days many many people come from provinces and many tourists will come to pp city to enjoy this festival. Almost every boulevard is stuck with traffic jam. :-S
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should be the French isn't it.....who else could it be? Khmer Rouge?
from the French !!!!!
Happy Indpendence Day to all Khmer
May 09 is Royal Ploughing Day Ceremony (Khmer:preah Reach Pithi Chrot Preah Neangkol)

All images are from
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