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CHANGCHUN | Greenland Center | 311m | 1020ft | 78 fl | Prep

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Developer: Greenland
Architect: Design Contest.

Proposal 1, by HOK. 80~ floors.

Proposal 2, by GMP. 75~ floors.

Proposal 3, by XIANDAI. 80+ floors.
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Actually no , that's the Changchun administrative zone . The city itself is roughly 2-3 million . Still pretty big but not 7.5 million .
Because of China's population and the great rift between rural and urban development , there's little point in defining cities the way N. Americans might.

Anyway , as I'm living in Changchun , it's nice to finally see a thread on this . I'll be happy to get updates on it when it finally gets started .
looks cool, cant wait for renders

the city has about 7.5 Million inhabitants
Actually Changchun has about 3.5 million people although it's difficult to get an exact number because Chinese administrative districts aren't based on the same criteria as less densely populated areas of the world .

Anyway , I've been waiting a long time to see some supertall action around here . I often pass a partially constructed building that was supposed to be 188 meters but it's been stalled for at least a year (that I'm aware of) That's about as close as we've come to a supertall here in Changchun .

This is really great to see though ... I can't wait to see it rise so I can update it . It's not really very close to me but Chinese cities are easy enough to get around in so I'll check on this periodically and update it when there's something to say .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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