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change in nyc's position

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why did they put Chicago, Miami and I don't know who before us in the list? Now I have to scroll down, damn it! :rant:
okay, I'm done, that was my rant of the day :D
but seriously do we really need the list in an alphabetical order? Why not put it in importance, this way we're back at #1 :?
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putting them in order of importance will make all those 'lesser forums' rant every day, THinking they are better than others
well, we all know we should be #1 anyway :D
and they all can be in alphabetical order behind
It'll take time getting used to, but it's no big deal. We know we're important. :tongue3:
Oh come on... It's alphabetical order. Soon, the regionals will be in the same order.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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