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Changi Airport Travel Questions

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I don't travel much so it would be nice if some of you could enlighten me on some issues.
1. When departing Singapore, am I able to purchase stuff from the shops inside the transit area?
2. When arriving in Singapore, am I able to purchase stuff from the shops at the transit area or am I restricted to only the DFS shop after clearing immigration?
3. How long after I disembark from the plane can I stay in the transit area before clearing immigration?
4. I bought alcohol at the DFS before but just curious, how much cheaper is it to buy alcohol at the DFS than at any other shop in SG?
5. Just curious, what are the chances of boarding/disembarking from a plane at Changi without an aerobridge?

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1 and 2, yes

5. Apart from the new Budget Terminal, all flights that I have arrived/departed from Changi have always used an aerobridge.
THANKS!!! What do you usually recommend to buy at Changi? Is there anything to look out for at Changi? The last time I used it I was in a rush so didnt get to really see anything but rush to the gate. Hopefully this time's different.
I dont usually buy stuff there except essentials when I was studying abroad. I usually hang around the bookshop or just relax...
Airports really aren't the best place to shop if you asked me. I just don't find the variety that attractive. The usual candies, mags, drinks, food, etc. I wouldn't mind getting an IWC the next time though.
That said, I do feel that Changi Airport's shops are really handy if you need something at the last minute...they really have probably almost everything.
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