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Charles de Gaulle Monument was unveiled yesterday in the Warsaw city center.

During the Polish-Soviet war in 1919-1920, he volunteered to be a member of the French Military Mission to Poland and was an infantry instructor with the Polish army.

He fought and distinguished himself in fighting near the river Zbrucz and received the highest Polish military award, Virtuti Militari. He was promoted to major and offered possibility of a further career in Poland, but chose instead to return to France. He was heavily influenced by that war, namely by the use of tanks, fast manoeuvres and lack of trenches.

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doc said:
In full view of hotel guests ... French President Jacques Chirac speaks at the opening of the monument to Charles de Gaulle in Moscow. The monument features a metal statue of de Gaulle atop a tall red granite column erected in front of Moscow's Cosmos Hotel.
Photo: AP

I wonder whether Putin knows that de Gaulle fought on Polish side during the Polish-Bolshevik war ;-)

* By Edgar Vincent D'Abernon — "If Charles Martel had not checked the Saracen conquest at the Battle of Tours, the interpretation of the Koran would be taught at the schools of Oxford, and her pupils might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet."
"Had Pilsudski and Weygand failed to arrest the triumphant advance of the Soviet Army at the Battle of Warsaw, not only would Christianity have experienced a dangerous reverse, but the very existence of Western civilisation would have been imperilled. [...] On the essential point, there can be little room for doubt; had the Soviet forces overcome Polish resistance… Bolshevism would have spread throughout Central Europe and might well have penetrated the whole continent.
* By w:A.J.P. Taylor,: (this war) largely determined the course of European history for the next twenty years or more.[...] Unavowedly and almost unconsciously, Soviet leaders abandoned the cause of international revolution.
* By w:Vladimir Lenin:
o That was the time when everyone in Germany, including the blackest reactionaries and monarchists, declared that the Bolsheviks would be their salvation
o (this war allows) probe Europe with the bayonets of the Red Army
o We must direct all our attention to preparing and strengthening the Western Front. A new slogan must be announced: Prepare for war against Poland
* By w:Mikhail Tukhachevsky: To the West! Over the corpse of White Poland lies the road to world-wide conflagration. March on Vilno, Minsk, Warsaw!
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