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Charleston, South Carolina - the city where the U.S. Civil War started.

some pics i took on spring break. the weather wasn't very cooperative, except for the day i went to the beach, and ain't no way in hell i'm taking my new digi on the sand.

so, on with the pics, of the downtown area, and not just the uber-touristy over-gentrified part.

i love this, The People's Office Building (so commie)


or brunnette?

"AH HATE HIPPIES!!!" so ironic that the hippiefest episode of South Park was on this week, and it came true...sorta.

it was pathetic because...other than the drums, no other live music...BUT A HIPPIE DJ!!! ugh.


and now, for pics from the less-touristy parts by downtown; IMO, far more interesting - cheaper eats; indier music shops, a comic book store, some pawn there's grit and potential.

more to come; lots of old houses, The Battery, rowhouses, a beach town 'burb, bridges and more.


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thanks for teh replies.

some more pics i took.

between Waterfront Park and Downtown

view to the other side; USS Yorktown/Patriots Point

from a park looking towards downtown

The Battery - THE gentrified hood in Charleston, with a great river/bay view

touristy indeed...

mid-rise undergoing rennovation

in from the battery...

nice pond/park

a lot of these pics were taken just stumbling around, when i came across the College of Charleston's campus, and then i found myself downtown, which i wanted to do later, so i stumbled back out to the hoods. some are CoC buildings, most aren't, but anyway...

who's up for a panty raid?

i needed a pit stop so i went into CoC's library, and took some pics from it

now for the bridges; the two old, scary to some steel bridges over the Cooper river to the suburb of Mt. Pleasent are being replaced by the new Ravanel bridge, almost finished. it'll be sad to see the old bridges gone, they were fun to drive over

guess which one's the new one?

Charleston "skyline" from the bridge

and finally, a beach, Folly Beach. one secretary at school describes it as "how beach towns in Florida used to be." Folly's a pretty nice beach/suburb. no pics of the beach itself b/c i didn't want to get sand in the digi, but i did take my Holga on the beach; i just haven't developed the pics yet.

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