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CHARLOTTE | 500 West Trade | 14 fl | 7 fl | Complete

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The 14-story building – part of a development to be called 500 West Trade – will be at the corner of Graham and West Trade streets, on the site of the decrepit Polk Building. That five-story building, which dates to 1925, was originally a car dealership and eventually became a state office building, but has been deteriorating since the last state workers moved out more than 10 years ago.
David Ravin said the 14-story building will include 88 apartments. A six-story building wrapped around it will include 266 more, for a total of 354 residences on the site. The plans also include 8,400 square feet of street-level retail space, likely to be restaurants and cafes, and a plaza between the tower and the mid-rise building. The development will include two pools, with one on top of the tower.
Ravin said construction is planned to start this year on 500 West Trade

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This site is across from the future Gateway Station so I'm disappointed in SF of retail.

Edit: Oh and I'm puzzled over the grass strip along both West Trade and Graham Street ???
Developer Northwood Ravin said in a press release Monday that it will start construction on its 500 West Trade project next month. The plans call for 354 luxury apartments in two buildings, one 14-story and one seven-story.
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