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Wachovia Corporate Center & Cultural Campus

Owner: Wachovia Corporation
Architects: Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, Jenkins-Peer Architects, Frelon Group
Contractor: Batson-Cook Construction
Major Tenants: Wachovia, Duke Energy
Minor Tenants: Wake Forest University Babcock School of Management, Betchler Art Museum, Mint Museum of Art, Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts & Culture, Knight Theater.
Location: 534 South Tryon Street, Charlotte

Construction Timeline:
Spring of 2004 - Initial announcement of the project
Feb. 2006 - Start of site prep
Dec. 2006 - Official renderings released
Aug. 2007 - Announced this will be the new headquarters of Wachovia
June 2009 - Completion of the office tower
Late 2010 - Completion of the condo tower and arts complex

Size and layout:
More than 2.4 million square feet overall.
  • Office tower - 764ft. (233m) - 48 floors. 1st floor is the lobby, 2nd floor is the server room, 3rd floor is training rooms and the Wake Forest classrooms. Floors 4 through 7 will be trading floors with 20 foot ceilings, for 45,000 square feet. There are 8 levels of underground parking, going down to almost 100 feet below street level.
  • Condo tower - 42 floors. 1st floor will be retail & restaurants, the next 6 floors will be part of the Mint Museum of Art. The top 25 floors will have more than 300 condos. Will also feature a rooftop pool.
  • African-American Cultural Center - 4 floors. This is being built across Tryon St. and on top of the underground access ramp to the main tower.
  • Betchler Art Museum - 4 floors. Features a larger cantilever.
  • Knight Performing Arts Theater - 1,200 seats

Tube design, concrete with blue-green glass cladding.
According to Project Executive Randy Thompson in Construction Today: “The columns around the perimeter are located on a 10-foot centers with deep spandrel beams. All of the seismic and wind loads are taken in these columns and deep beams. Since there are no shear walls, the core of the buildings for mechanical and electrical space, toilets and elevators is very efficient because it’s very small. Consequently, there is more rentable square footage on each floor. We’re using 18,000 pounds per square inch concrete for our columns and some of the beams. In most areas of the country, the highest strength concrete available is 12,000 pounds per square inch; but this building is so big and tall, to keep the column sizes down, the concrete firm developed this concrete especially for the project.”

Sustainability: LEED Gold status
Down to a depth of 122 feet below surface, vaults with 30,000 square feet of space will hold recycled rainwater to be used for cooling. Granite excavated from the site is being recycled into gravel. Some excavated material is being used in construction of a new runway at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Part of the office tower will feature a green roof.


Entire project overview:

Office tower:

Condo tower:

Mint Museum:

African-American Cultural Center:

Betchler Art Museum:

Site plan:


A first look at what the tower's cladding.

Props to initiald over at ssp for actually creating this thread (I just lazily copied and pasted it!)

and here's the latest construction photos from skeeterific53
Some arials


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Something for Charlotte.. Nice :) it seems to be a huge complex

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here's an update from at initiald ssp

From across I-277 on Morehead St.

From the Stonewall light rail station. You can see the African-American Cultural Center in front of the Wachovia Tower.

Backside of the Wachovia tower

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The Condo Tower is actually going to be 46 floors, not 42, here is a breakdown of the condo tower.
46 stories
326 units starting above the Mint Museum at a 120 foot elevation
Gross construction sf = 642,000 sf
Sellable sf = 427,000 sf
Typical floor plate = 12,300 sf
Typically 6 to 10 units per floor
167 one bedroom units (530 to 1,000 sf)
5 one bedroom + den units (1,030 sf)
51 two bedroom units (1,140 to 1,700 sf)
93 two bedroom + den units (1,470 to 2,290 sf)
10 three bedroom units (2,660 sf)
Slab-to-slab height = 11’0” to 14’8”
Floor-to-ceiling height = 8’8” to 10’2”
4 elevators including 1 shared service
Planned LEED certified project
Indoor pool – 12th floor (4,500 sf)
Fitness center – 14th floor (2,850 sf)
Club room – 46th floor (3,300 sf)
Lobby - ground floor (2,100 sf)
Motor court drop off
496 on-site, dedicated parking spaces
Possible direct access to 12,000 sf of retail
Established 6,000 sf sales center and furnished two bedroom model
Estimated hard cost for core, shell and interior upfit before value engineering=$132,000,000

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The tower has almost caught up with 1 Wachovia (179 m) so its just a little bit from the 200M mark. On another note The outside is up to 36, and the inside 39 floors. When the outside portion of the building gets to 39 floors it will switch to steel construction and start going up to the pinnacle for another 13 floors (its 52 floors including mechanical at the top). Here is a updating photo that shows how it impacts the charlotte skyline already.

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