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I recently made a visit to Chatswood for the first time in nearly a year.

Apologies if some shots are big but they are all supposed to be 800 by 600. Imageshack has been playing up with some of the uploaded images.

Latest skyline shot (From Olympic Park)

Albert St

Still has a thriving main street shopping strip despite four major shopping complexes built in the suburb over the years

View Lane lives up to its name

Altura & Epica - recent additions to Chatswood

Suburban scraper canyons

This could easily be any street in any Australian CBD

Albert St Mall

Had to take this one of Zenith for Av :)

Chatswood Station


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great photos fab. I love chatty. i pass through it everyday
cant wait for the Interchange complex
the 2x 500footers will look impressive in skyline!

the tallest at 160m+ will nearly double the current talelst bldgs


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Wow, I didn't know about all that for Chatsworth, it will be bigger than most Australian cities.

I to have been having similiar problems with image shack, it's as annoying as hell, happens time after time too, anyone know what the problem is?

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Gargarensis said:
those interchange towers must be the tallest buildings in australia outside of a cbd, right?
Eureka (and the rest of Southbank) is also outside of Melbourne's CBD, or going beyond the CBD's direct surrounds, there's also the Royal Domain Towers. But they're still very close to the city so you can't really compare with Chatswood.
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