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Chaul Chnam Thmey, Songkran, Happy New Year

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so happy new year
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so from now lets forget our previous sins and start over for the years
som ao tok ka ro leay os, tirk pnek dael sro ok aoy youm dak, kor sang kloun chea thmey aoy tkom tkang rong reung chea thmey, mean serei sour sdey ning klack chea neak kla harn dael bi mun min dael mean, chea mouy ning chmus dor ko graok mek knong chit robos vireak boros ning vireak nary daeng lay, som ao mean chey mongkul knong chevit, sour sdey chnam thmey :cheers:
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It is new year, what are you guys plan? :)
It is new year, what are you guys plan? :)
Being with loved ones and eat lots of good Cambodian food.
going bonnyrigg temple again for today, tm maybe canley vale
new year, me 25, me jobless, me still live under family support, so shjt :( I will Try to learn and get a job in this year, and will back to visit Cambodia, even she is not far from me, just ~ 40km :((
Sour Sdey Chnam Thmey!!
Happy New Year.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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