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Chemnitz | A Changing City

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Chemnitz - what have you experienced? A recovery by the industry, the almost total destruction in two wars. You're not always nice, but you have charm!

Join me on my daily routes through the city. Let's start!

We start in the district where I live - Schloßchemnitz. In the district, many families live and he is surrounded by parks and forests. Rents are therefore the most expensive in the City. In a few places you can still find unrenovated housing.

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Ich mochte vieles mehr bitte. Sehr gut und ehrlich.
Great, very nice photos from Chemnitz; well done :)
Nice. Any industrial goodness?
Definitely - quite a lot actually. Soon there are more of them.
The night comes. The last photo of Chemnitz for today.

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nice city....I like those buildings with characters.
Beautiful images! Chemnitz is more attractive than I thought. Thank you for sharing... Lokking forward to more! :cheers:
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