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CHENGDU | Sky City Hotel and Office | 220m | Pro

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Chengdu Sky City Hotel and Office Projects
Site: Chengdu Sichuan
Area: 392414 ㎡

The The project is located in the People Southern Road of Chengdu, including hotels, office, shopping malls, theaters and so on, about 220 meters high .The goal of green strategy is to design a landmark building with green, ecological, low carbon .Adopting the appropriate construction technology, with a minimum increase in costs, is to achieve maximum energy saving, water saving, material saving, reduced energy waste, the operation cost saving, make the people, building, and environment combined as a unity; become the demonstration project of our state with low energy consumption and green building, the energy saving rate can achieve 65% or more for the public buildings.
Many advanced technology are employed in this project, for example; air condition system is that “cloud” green technology; and energy saving lighting system which could be saving more that 25% electrical consuming. Next, the rain water recycling technology, it is can collect around 24000 m³/n. From above points, Preliminary estimated annual energy saving of 7.66 million kwh, in meeting thenational standards for public buildings energy - saving and energy - saving 30 on the basis of the above.

ps. If mods think this is too visionary they have a right to remove this thread I'll repost those pictures in Projects and construction thread
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it looks like that old 220 floor proposal for dubai
i like it
Those platforms are pretty cool and very large. Is this even possible?
Impressive. I rather like it.
Looks really conceptual. Rockass does it say where on Renmin Nan Lu it's supposed to be?

Also do you know anything about the plot beside Tianfu square. Before it was supposed to be a gold cladded 180m building but they've changed the name boards. The new boards say Leader Centre Chengdu (领导中心). I did a google and baidu search but can't find anything. They've already done the digging.
Looks really nice it kinda resembles One Dubai.
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