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Chennai International Airport

Chennai's airport's is currently being upgraded in light of the booming air traffic in the Indian aviation. The modernization and expansion of the airport will be done by mid 2011.

The upgradation plan includes the construction of a new domestic terminal, expansion and renovation of the existing Anna International terminal, renovation of the existing domestic terminal, extension of the secondary runway, construction of a new parallel runway and cargo terminal, taxiways and parking bays amongst others.

Click on the renders to view large

The new Domestic Terminal:

A team of architects comprising Frederic Schwartz Architects, Hargreaves Associates, and Gensler based in the United States and Creative Group, New Delhi was selected to design the new terminal.

With the addition of the new terminal, expansion of the international terminal and existing domestic terminal, the Chennai International Airport will be able to handle 16 million passengers/annum by 2011.

The design of the terminal is organised around “two lush sustainable gardens” and the wing-like roofs which helps collect rainwater and become part of the garden.

The new terminal will be spread across 70,000 sq m.

Walkthrough video:

The new terminal would have 72 passenger check-in counters.

for pics, local airport news and developments visit the Chennai Airport Update thread in the Indian subforum! For news and updates on other Indian airports, please visit the Aviation and Airports subforum.

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Who are the architects ? This is very mediocre design, lacks imagination and not much flair compared to the new Delhi or Mumbai airport plans.

I wish GMR group had been given this project :(

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This is a wonderful looking project. I like the design. At least this domestic terminal has jetways that connect to the aircraft.

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Srilankan operates 15 flights a week to Chennai.

From Dec 2011 its Increasing from 15 to 27 weekly...^^

Colombo – Chennai eff 22DEC11 Increasing from 15 to 27 weekly.
UL125 CMB0030 – 0150MAA 320 x4
UL121 CMB0730 – 0850MAA 320 7
UL121 CMB0730 – 0850MAA 332 x47
UL121 CMB0730 – 0850MAA 343 4
UL127 CMB1200 – 1320MAA 320 x3
UL127 CMB1410 – 1530MAA 320 3
UL123 CMB1835 – 1955MAA 320 x34
UL123 CMB1835 – 1955MAA 332 3
UL123 CMB1835 – 1955MAA 343 4

UL126 MAA0250 – 0410CMB 320 x4
UL122 MAA0950 – 1110CMB 320 7
UL122 MAA0950 – 1110CMB 332 x47
UL122 MAA0950 – 1110CMB 343 4
UL128 MAA1410 – 1530CMB 320 x3
UL128 MAA1620 – 1740CMB 320 3
UL124 MAA2055 – 2215CMB 320 x34
UL124 MAA2055 – 2215CMB 332 3
UL124 MAA2055 – 2215CMB 343 4

UL125/126 begins from 24DEC11

Colombo and Singapore are suburbs of Chennai :lol::lol:

Great Work...Keep posting!!!!!!
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