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Chennai Tourism News Thread

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These are the world's most visited cities in 2017

This week Mastercard released its 2017 Global Destination Cities Index, which provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities around the world.

Measured by the number of international overnight visitors, the study, now in its ninth year, predicts which countries will be the most visited in 2017.

From Mumbai to Miami, here are the 30 cities set to see the most visitors this year:

30. Johannesburg, South Africa — 4.8 million international visitors.

29. Berlin, Germany — 5.1 million international visitors.

28. Toronto, Canada — 5.3 million international visitors.

27. Mumbai, India — 5.35 million international visitors.

26. Munich, Germany — 5.4 million international visitors.

25. Madrid, Spain — 5.5 million international visitors.

24. Dublin, Ireland — 5.59 million international visitors.

23. Chennai, India — 5.7 million international visitors.

22. Los Angeles, USA — 5.8 million international visitors.

21. Miami, USA — 6 million international visitors.

20. Prague, Czech Republic — 6.4 million international visitors.

19. Vienna, Austria — 6.63 million international visitors.

18. Shanghai, China — 6.65 million international visitors.

17. Rome, Italy — 7.3 million international visitors.

16. Taipei, Taiwan — 7.8 million international visitors.

15. Osaka, Japan — 7.9 million international visitors.

14. Milan, Italy — 8.4 million international visitors.

13. Amsterdam, Netherlands — 8.7 million international visitors.

12. Barcelona, Spain — 8.9 million international visitors.

11. Istanbul, Turkey — 9.24 million international visitors.

10. Hong Kong — 9.25 million international visitors.

9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 12.1 million international visitors.

8. New York, USA — 12.4 million international visitors.

7. Seoul, South Korea — 12.44 million international visitors.

6. Tokyo, Japan — 12.5 million international visitors.

5. Singapore — 13.45 million international visitors.

4. Dubai, UAE — 16 million international visitors.

3. Paris, France — 16.1 million international visitors.

2. London, UK — 20 million international visitors.

1. Bangkok, Thailand — 20.2 million international visitors.

Bangkok will be the most visited city in the world in 2017.

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Spotlight on Chennai beaches

Beach beautification is a cliched term. Though we hear this phrase often, we see little of it on the ground. On second thoughts, this is a good thing. It is better not to beautify our beaches than beautify them the wrong way. For beach beautification that fails to take environmental questions into consideration can do a lot of harm. So, through this initiative, we are seeking to explore approaches to beach beautification that are scientifically sound and also environment-sensitive. Suggestions from residents who live close to Chennai's beaches as well as those who love them a lot and visit them often are welcome. This section in The Hindu Downtown will also put the spotlight on social initiatives targeting people living along the coast.

To start with, we are calling attention to a beach beautification initiative in Neelankarai, spearheaded by a medical doctor and supported by residents’ associations in the region. Started a few months ago, the project, which has the support of the Corporation, seems to be going strong. As part of this initiative, a drip irrigation method is used. Water is also supplied by a few residents.

“There are 560 plants with tree guards. The plants include thespesia populnea, callophyllum inophyllum and barringtonia. Besides these, we have planted badam, bamboo and date palm. These plants were chosen as they are suited for a beach environment,” says Dr. Nandakumar Sundaram. Another highlight of the initiative is that the creepers growing on the coast will be used for natural landscaping. “These creepers serve a purpose. They prevent soil erosion,” he says. Dr. Sundaram is willing to share his experience with any other group that may be interested in tree plantation on the beach.

The objective of this section is to bring together people who care for our beaches. And those who have experiences relating to our beaches that they can share may write to [email protected]
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If you look at it. We can really take off if our govt helps tourism. What are the baisc requirement of tourism?
1. We need cultural attractions - We have Temples, Mamallapuram, Food, Music ( classical) and Dance
2. Adventure Tourism - We have Beaches which can be used for Diving, Boating ( Various varieties), Angling, Surfing
3. Food - Our food can be promoted along with south food which can be a great attraction.
5. Products - Our sarees are very much in demand. Kanceepuram silk sarees, local craft products like bronze arts, stone arts are very much in demand but are not promoted.
6. Opening of Bars and service of spirits - Tourists from the west and far east generally do not come to places which does not have bars or serve liquor. We must have Bars and clubs along with the above so that people come and have a good time.
Padichavanga politics le vandha dhaan naadu oruppodum.

Chennai: City boat houses gear up for busy summer

CHENNAI: For those who enjoy every moment of adrenaline rush, boat houses on the East Coast Road might be just the right places where they want to visit this summer.

To boost tourism prospects on the ECR this summer, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department is deploying additional boats at Muttukadu and Mudaliarkuppam Boat House (or Rain Drop Boat House). Additional Kayak boats are to be introduced as they are in demand among the youth and IT professionals at the Mudaliarkuppam Boat House, say boat house caretakers.

"Since the demand is more among youth, 12 additional Kayak boats are to be added to the fleet," said C Krishnamoorthy, manager, Mudaliarkuppam Boat House.

"There are already eight Kayak boats. Another 12 boats - eight single seater and four double seater - will be added to fleet this week. Since there would be crowds of couples, we are procuring double-seater Kayak boats," Krishnamoorthy added.

A couple of additional speed boats and banana boats will be employed. The Mudaliarkuppam Boat House started attracting crowds after the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) launched water scooters and Kayak boats.

Also a proposal for two additional Jet Ski boats for the Muttukadu Boat House has been put forward. "The Jet Ski boats supply will be delayed a bit as they have to be imported from Japan. We were expecting their delivery by May, but the process is getting delayed," a source in TTDC said.
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hese 11 Architectural Sights Illustrate the Fascinating History of Chennai

From 7th-century rock-cut temples and colonial-era buildings to the oldest bookstore in India, Chennai’s eye-catching architecture is teeming with history

Chennai is one of India’s largest metropolitan cities. And yet, not many travelers make it a point to venture out to the coastal city when exploring India. In reality, Chennai—or Madras, as it was formerly known—is a lively hotspot of arts, culture, commerce, and cuisine, and offers an entirely different experience when compared to other parts of the country. And with the newly inaugurated metro, it’s even easier to get around.

Owing to its geographic location, Chennai has been a major economic and political center for thousands of years. Today, you’ll spot various examples of stunning Indo-Saracenic architecture from the colonial era standing alongside ancient temples, modernist buildings, and crowded commercial centers.

Here are 12 architectural sites in the capital of Tamil Nadu that are visually spectacular and packed with historical significance.
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