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CHICAGO | Canyon Ranch Living Chicago | 745ft | 67 fl | Canceled

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Height: 745 ft
Floor count: 67
Location: North Rush and East Huron
Construction end: 2009
Architect: DeStefano + Partners, Ltd.
Developer: LR Development Company, LLC


This building finally has some momentum gathering behind it. In the original design, the cut-out at the top was an unobstructed void. But it proved too costly and was filled in. Nevertheless, this is still a great design that will provide some much needed glass and color in an area suffering from an overabundance of beige concrete hulks.
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Canyon Ranch to treat River North
Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chicago, IL, US - As one of about 20 for-sale residential developments in River North, the planned hotel and condo tower at 680 North Rush is now taking reservations for what will soon be Canyon Ranch Living Chicago, an extension of the award-winning health resort and living community chain first started in Tucson, Arizona.

Related Midwest, formerly LR Development Company, is developing the building as an addition to its Chicago portfolio, including Park Tower at 800 North Michigan Avenue, The Mayfair on East Lake Shore Drive, 840 North Lake Shore Drive and 340 on the Park.

Read more at NewcitySkyline
This tower is perfection, IMHO
i love that rendering from the west showing how the building fits in with the skyline. it'd be nice to get a supertall somewhere between the JHC and the Trump Tower/Aon cluster.
I agree I like that render as well. What is the last render supposed to represent though?:lol:

This is going where some more height is needed. Some nice height will be added between the JHC/Ill.Cen. cluster if this 680 Rush, InterContinental , CityFront Plaza, 560 N. Fairbanks all get built.
really incredible, but near that church is a little bit strange for me...
Not uncommon these days - churches with prime real estate will work together with developers so that both can benefit from new projects.
great design. but probably one of the most stupid names in skyscraper history ...

canyon ranch chicago living ... gawd :lol:
but probably one of the most stupid names in skyscraper history ...
First, hydrogen, could you change the name to Canyon Ranch Living Chicago?

Second, I don't see much that is stupid about it. It's the name of a hotel brand. Do you find something like The Four Seasons Hotel New York to sound stupid too?
no, but I find canyon ranch chicago living stupid.

canyon ranch may work in arizona, but chicago ... how can you compare that to four seasons ...
I have to agree the name is very weird ...... but the building is great so im glad with it.
nice discovery....:cheers: ....its on me...its:nuts:Friday:nuts: ....have fun...i must say their imagery was nice...the height comparison for the JH south to the Aon Center....A+ Cayon Ranch ! ! ! ! !!! !! ! !! ! !
I love the renders this will be nice at Chicago's skyline.
another highrise condo tower for chicago congrats
It seems to be a very good project.The shape fits well in the surroundings and that hole in the top gives an identity to this tower.
Another really good looking skyscraper for Chicago! Great! :D
Have you noticed the full page ads in the Trib for this thing? They don't even mention the address. I think it's because they realize that the architecture is wasted on this site. No view and prices start at $810,000? They gotta be nuts. There is a glut of condos awash over River North. Many in real economic trouble. Like the James. I think they ought to rethink this one. Put it out near the lake or on the river where the architecture will get noticed from a viewpoint more that 20 feet away.
They dropped the 'hole' feature. Now it's a little more plain.
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