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Glad you guys enjoyed the shots.

you really are a pro at nailing down the exposure, even on such a sunny day. do you always shoot in manual? using the light meter?
I shoot in manual 99 percent of the time. However, most of these were taken in aperture priority. I started off in manual but got sick of paying more attention to metering every shot than framing compositions and just enjoying myself. So I switched to AE, which I rarely, rarely use. AE is notorious for causing blown highlights, so I dialed in -1/3 EC. I was pleased with the results.

It was a beautiful day for the Parade. I just didn't like the barricades that pretty much made crossing the streets impossible.

Thanks, hydrogen.
I agree about the barricades. They were pretty much the only downer on an otherwise impeccable day. Perhaps the police have had too many issues with people interfering with the flow of the parade. There's just something strangely confounding about not being able to cross a street.

As always Kev, spectacular work...but If I may...more sexy lesbians pweese.
It's a shame because there are so many sexy women in Chicago. Yet, for whatever reason, the parade is fairly devoid of hotties. Maybe next year you can enter a float with you and your friends.
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