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Well, kinda. These pictures were taken about a year ago when I got to go for a tour of the construction of the Trump. Back then it was up to its 86th floor, I think. I also got to see the inside of a condo building just east of the Trump.

So here are my pics. The ones from the condo building are first.
Here it is, taken from the Trump.

And now the views from that first tower.

And now onto the Trump

THe building I was in before this is in the top left corner of this pic

The top of the Wrigley Building

and the Tribune Building. It's amazing how much detail went into these buildings.


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Chicago is the warmest US city in terms of people and their love for their city.
Oh yes, I can see that everytime I go to Urban Photo Contest section. :D

Well, Chicago is a great skyscraper city. No wonder so many Chicagoans are proud of it.
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