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01. Cellular Field / Chicago White Sox

02. Morning haze

03. South Loop

04. Legacy at Millennium Park

05. Wacker Drive

06. Cozy :)

07. 2 of 4 Chicago Kings

08. Looking back

09. Wrigley Field / Chicago Cubs

10. 3 of 4 Chicago Kings

11. Around Michigan Avenue

12. Hi there Trump!

13. Penthouse views

14. Hi there neighbour!

15. Loop

16. Same height.

17. Aqua part 1.

18. Aqua part 2.

19. 4 of 4 Chicago Kings!

20. Museum Park Towers

less is more
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Absolutely stunning. Some of the best skyline shots I've seen in a long time. I am jealous of you, Jan :)

Were they taken earlier today or Friday may I ask?

visit the world
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superb pics!!! :eek:kay: :cool: stunning views, great buidling and stadiums.
On that first pic i probably can see the seat i will be sitting at in september :)

Chicago Photographer
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How does one go about getting a heli in Chicago? What kind of cost are we looking at? Thanks for the picutures Jan.
Great shots Jan...I got some good ones on the way. bnk, we paid $160 each (3 people) for an hour ride...which took us from Lansing to wrigley, around loop, and back to lansing. Well worth it.

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Absolutely stunning photos! :eek2:

My Mind Has Left My Body
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Again, awesome photos Jan. Also thanks Chicagophotoshop and cbotnyse for making them possiable.

Someone remind me why the Sox didn't at least build their park facing to the north?

Anyone know the largest building to ever have its foundation lifted and turned? :colgate:

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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