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CHICAGO - Guaranteed Rate Field (40,615)

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Chicago White Sox

3x Champions:
1906, 1917, 2005

Capacity 41,432

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They recently put in a 'build-your-own' nacho bar with slow cooked beef and pork, guacamole, black beans, etc. Its outstanding.
Mmmmm nachos.
New restaurant was added this year called Bacardi at the Park. You don't need a game ticket to get in. They are also building a new team store adjacent to the restaurant on 35th Street.
I would argue they did before the Mariners renovation.

It's pretty frustrating when this franchise revolutionized MLB scoreboards to have something as poor as they do today.
This policy was created in response to a couple of bad fan incidents. In 2002 a father/son team ran onto the field and attacked Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa. In 2003 umpire Laz Diaz was the target of a fan who ran onto he field to try to tackle him (coincidentally also against the Royals).

White Sox reps will tell you that the policy is to keep the lower level concourse from overcrowding and a bunch of other nonsense, but the fact of the matter is that they don't want people buying cheap UD tickets only to move to the lower level and create problems like they did in 2002-03. I know in the 2002 incident the scumbags had upper deck seats.

That all being said, it's a terrible policy today. Even though it doesn't take much to Google a ballpark's rules and policies before you visit, alot of people still are unaware and end up stuck on the upper level. As a fan visiting from out of town, I don't blame people at all for being upset. White Sox fans have been pushing to get this changed for a few years now. Hopefully enough time has passed that something will get done soon.
I agree that it is an awful policy. Visited this stadium a few years ago, but because we sat in the upper deck, I don't feel that I visited at all.

Can anyone who is more familiar with the White Sox organization shed some light on the rationale behind said policy?
I was a HUGE fan of the second rendition. It surfaced sometime around 2004 and featured a huge main entrance building on the corner of 35th and Wentworth. It was supposed to house a bar or restaurant, shops, team hall of fame, rooftop bar, etc. If you didn't already notice, the rendering also shows a right field upper deck home run porch.

But the main entrance building would have been great. That is a big criticism of this you approach from the east (either by car or walking from the red line El stop) you are greeted by the left field corner and ramps that are used for exiting the ballpark only. It's a very underwhelming first site and impression. They decided to build a "Fundamentals" section for kids in this area instead of the grand entrance building. Although it can probably still be done if they really wanted.

artist rendering of a never realized New Comiskey Park renovation complete with a double-decked home run porch in RF. from

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It might be a little easier on you since they are lowering ticket prices fairly substantially for 2013. Both LF and RF corners in the lower level will be $20 all year long. Parking will also be reduced about 20%.
I would probably say that Wrigley and Fenway have the most *outdated* scoreboards, but of course to suggest that they change them would be inviting a lynching from raving baseball fans.

I want to add that I really like the Cell. It was built a couple years after I moved to the midwest and they've done a lot to improve it since then. But you guys are spot on about the upper deck policy. Whenever I make it down to Chicago for a game I have to shell out the extra money for lower level because otherwise it's just not worth the trip.
Horrible and boring stadium. They have some stupid policies there as stated above. I will add that I'm pretty sure they are breaking safety code with some of them. I went there summer of '12 with my father who walks with a cane and we were leaving early cuz the game was boring and we couldn't get to the lower level to any of the interesting concessions/bars. As we went to walk down the ramp this employee stops us and tells us we have to walk to far 3rd base ramp to go down. Mind you he said this to a man who can't walk without his cane, and could not provide us with A) and elevator location, or B) where we could find a manager to discuss the stupidity of their "operational policies."

Unless you're just trying to visit every stadium, skip this one. Underwhelming, nothing that makes it special. (And no, the twirly things on the scoreboard don't make it special)
I've visited about half of the current MLB parks, plus several that no longer exist and this one is my least favorite. Of course, I also had upper deck tickets and was barred from visiting the lower concourse offerings. Does anyone know the rationale behind this policy?
The policy sucks, but if you are visiting a stadium for the first time, how do you not do research about that stadium's policies? I don't get it.
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Obviously, no. But I always look into the section or level where I might buy tickets. Sometimes areas are alcohol free. Sometimes they have obstructed views. And sometimes they don't allow you to access other parts of the stadium. You make it seem like you have to read some kind of pamphlet cover to cover. It's a simple google search.
You really read through fan guides and every single policy before visiting a stadium? Gimme a break...
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It says UPPER LEVEL ONLY on every upper level ticket. I'm pretty sure it is also stated on ticketmaster before you buy, as well.

Not that I agree at all with the policy. I think it's atrocious, and I noticed happily this past season it wasn't enforced for the most part. But if you don't do the slightest bit of research on a place you've never been to, and you pay no attention the restrictions on the ticket, it's hard to sympathize with anyone that complains.

And by the way, bleacher seats without access to the rest of the stadium is unheard of to me. I am assuming YS does that? That's probably something I would discover doing research on YS if I ever take a trip to NY for a game.
A no-access to the lower level policy is pretty unheard of. Bleachers without access to the rest of the stadium? Sure. Nothing odd about that. In fact, quite common. But generally speaking, if you buy an upper deck ticket you can at the very least access the concourses on the lower level. It's a dumb policy, one that should be reversed, and also one that should be made abundantly clear before tickets are purchased with a pop-up warning or similar method. Can't expect everyone, least of all out of towners, to know this policy.
I don't use print at home tickets so I wouldn't know. I know 100% it's stated on actual ticketmaster tickets.

I know Wrigley does it, but since YS is new I assumed they didn't do that anymore. To me it's an old school thing that doesn't make sense anymore, and with the renovations at Wrigley they might be doing away with it but I'm not positive.

Point is, since neither of us know exactly what the policies are of stadiums across MLB, it's always best to check beforehand. But I agree with anyone that thinks the current 'upper deck only' policy at USCF absolutely sucks.
It DOES NOT say that on print-at-home tickets, and there is no warning before purchase. It's discriminatory against out of towners. That's something that I wouldn't have even thought to have researched because it's so ridiculous and unheard of.

YS did it in the old stadium, as they were actually separate buildings. Wrigley currently does it, and I think Dodger Stadium as well. I don't think any of the newer parks do it, but it used to be quite common.
Really bad name, hopefully the ballpark logo is much better than the company logo.

Also hope the money goes towards renovations and stadium improvements.
What else do they need to renovate? I'm always down for renovations
Best one I've heard so far is "Guaranteed Seat Field"

Which is apt because my 13th row lower home plate tickets for an upcoming Indians game are going to cost no more than 30 bucks.

As far as renovations, I'm not sure how much further they can really go with this park. They've already shaved capacity down, installed a halfway decent looking roof, added a huge kids area.
Who knows...I've always hoped for the grand entrance on 35th and Wentworth. The abundance of unused suites can be repurposed. The Gate 1 area is still a mess. The ramps can be enclosed. A structure in RF similar to the kids area in LF, but with a bar. Stadium Club could use an update. Rebuild McCuddy's in the parking lot.

Like I said, who knows. But there's plenty more that COULD be done.
I think the new stadium that will be built when the Guaranteed Rate deal expires will take care of that. :)
If companies in the late 1800s could jack up and raise the entire city by a few feet, they certainly could do the same and rotate the stadium to the north for that long withheld skyline view.

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