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CHICAGO - Guaranteed Rate Field (40,615)

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Chicago White Sox

3x Champions:
1906, 1917, 2005

Capacity 41,432

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I've visited about half of the current MLB parks, plus several that no longer exist and this one is my least favorite. Of course, I also had upper deck tickets and was barred from visiting the lower concourse offerings. Does anyone know the rationale behind this policy?
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What could have been...:

Wanna show you something. Here is a Google map picture of Guarantee Rate Field Chicago on the South Side. What's wrong with this picture ?? Look at all the parking. Wouldn't it be nice to develop that parking lot into a mixed used development with housing, bars, and restaurants to give the area a certain special feel to bring vibrancy to the area ?? I'm not saying turn it to something like Wrigley Field and Wrigleyville. That can't be duplicated but geez do something that can create a tax and revenue stream for the area that fans and people in the surrounding area to give something to do before, after, and during a baseball game and beyond games when there's nothing going on there. The mass transit is there to make this a yearound View attachment 4036713
destination point. The Chicago Sun Times ran a great editorial article on doing this and for the life of me I can't understand why the City and it's politicians and economic people can't put their heads together to make this happen. The ballpark is even pointed in the wrong direction pointing Southwest where it should be pointed in the opposite direction Northeast facing that glimmering Chicago skyline. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY NOTHING'S BEEN DONE THERE AND ARE THERE ANY EFFORTS TO MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. I'M CURIOUS TO KNOW ... ANYBODY OUT THERE.... PLEASE.
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