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CHICAGO - Guaranteed Rate Field (40,615)

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Chicago White Sox

3x Champions:
1906, 1917, 2005

Capacity 41,432

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Anubis2051, did you take all of those pics?
Inside and Outside

The ramps take so much away from the appearance of this place. It's too bad the arches on the facade weren't present on the entire facade.

I believe this is from 2009.

It matters in ballparks. I assume you aren't familiar with the century old history of the steel and concrete ballparks, baseball in general, the ballpark this stadium replaced, former ballparks in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, etcetera.
Good thing the inside of a stadium is more important then outside mop.
That would have gone against MLB's preferred field orientation.
If they had just turned it 90 degrees in order for home plate to the northeast the views looking out on the skyline could have been awesome.
I believe New Comiskey is one of the last ballparks to still use a live organist, with Lori Moreland replacing Nancy Faust this season.
I just read an article on Steve Hogan of the Giants, and it stated 15 of 30 teams employ live organists. I'm surprised it was that much.
As do the Giants, Reds, Yankees, Royals, Brewers, Rangers, D-Backs, Cubs, Twins, Marlins, Red Sox and Rockies.

With the Mariners upgrading Safeco's main scoreboard, do the White Sox now have the most outdated board in MLB?

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The White Sox had the first "exploding" scoreboard, so it is ironic.
New Comiskey Park renovation

artist rendering of a never realized New Comiskey Park renovation complete with a double-decked home run porch in RF. from

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White Sox 1st round pick Courtney Hawkins hangs out with Bulls legend Scottie Pippen before a Cubs/White Sox game last season.
The Astros and White Sox line up before Game 1 of the 2005 World Series.
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If Wrigley Field was on old Comiskey's site. Wrigley Field is so much smaller than U.S. Cellular Field despite having a slightly larger capacity.
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