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CHICAGO - Guaranteed Rate Field (40,615)

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Chicago White Sox

3x Champions:
1906, 1917, 2005

Capacity 41,432

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Got out here this past summer, along with Wrigley. I was very underwhelmed by this ballpark. I wasn't expecting to like it at all, but I started to warm up to it while we were there. But that all changed when I learned of this ballparks terrible policy: If you have an upper deck ticket, you can not access the lower concourse at all. Which means no specialty concessions for you. I was very disappointed, especially after how amazingly we were treated at Wrigley the day before. Here we were treated like second class citizens.
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Fenway actually just updated their scoreboard:

cool video from the first in-game use-

As for Wrigley, while not quite adding a video board, which they desperately need to, they did add this to the RF corner last year:
I would probably say that Wrigley and Fenway have the most *outdated* scoreboards, but of course to suggest that they change them would be inviting a lynching from raving baseball fans.
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A no-access to the lower level policy is pretty unheard of. Bleachers without access to the rest of the stadium? Sure. Nothing odd about that. In fact, quite common. But generally speaking, if you buy an upper deck ticket you can at the very least access the concourses on the lower level. It's a dumb policy, one that should be reversed, and also one that should be made abundantly clear before tickets are purchased with a pop-up warning or similar method. Can't expect everyone, least of all out of towners, to know this policy.
Obviously, no. But I always look into the section or level where I might buy tickets. Sometimes areas are alcohol free. Sometimes they have obstructed views. And sometimes they don't allow you to access other parts of the stadium. You make it seem like you have to read some kind of pamphlet cover to cover. It's a simple google search.
It DOES NOT say that on print-at-home tickets, and there is no warning before purchase. It's discriminatory against out of towners. That's something that I wouldn't have even thought to have researched because it's so ridiculous and unheard of.

YS did it in the old stadium, as they were actually separate buildings. Wrigley currently does it, and I think Dodger Stadium as well. I don't think any of the newer parks do it, but it used to be quite common.
It says UPPER LEVEL ONLY on every upper level ticket. I'm pretty sure it is also stated on ticketmaster before you buy, as well.

Not that I agree at all with the policy. I think it's atrocious, and I noticed happily this past season it wasn't enforced for the most part. But if you don't do the slightest bit of research on a place you've never been to, and you pay no attention the restrictions on the ticket, it's hard to sympathize with anyone that complains.

And by the way, bleacher seats without access to the rest of the stadium is unheard of to me. I am assuming YS does that? That's probably something I would discover doing research on YS if I ever take a trip to NY for a game.
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