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These are sensational. Except for some haze, you guys lucked out with the weather.

yea we did. not perfect but for Chicago weather, pretty damn close.

Did you bring multiple lenses with you, or just one?
Jay rented another body and 8mm. so he had 2.

I had one body, two lens. changing the lens was timing consuming and dangerous. I could have easily dropped it.

Jan, had one and one.

How quickly does the helicopter move through the sky?
fairly quick. we all pretty much continuously shooting the entire time.

Can it hover long enough to give you the chance to take a pano?
not really. the other problem is that he couldnt go that far out over the lake "in case of engine failure". so we hugged the shoreline which made it hard to make a pano....we also were moving just fast enough to make it difficult.

and on our way back south from Wrigley, the sky was completely washed out with the sun in our face. shots looking east towards the skyline were basically impossible.
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