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The Climbing Protection Panel CPP
Working Safer and Quicker 44 Floors High

The Lakeshore East development area in Chicago is a 26 acre parcel of land located on the South bank of the Chicago River at Lake Michigan. This area will be a host to over 25 new structures in the next few years. The Regatta building marks James McHugh Construction`s third project at Lakeshore East, along with the Lancaster (see PERI scope 2005).

This 466 ft (142 m) building will sore 44 stories in the air and provide over 700,000 ft² (65,000 m²) of living space with over 325 condominium units.

One of the interesting features of this structure is the curved curtain wall facing Lake Michigan. This unique structure provided itself with the ideal opportunity for PERI to supply the new Climbing Protection Panel (CPP).
  • The CPP system encloses the work enviroment, providing a comfortable and safe working area. The system ensures delays due to weather are minimized and production levels are increased by eliminating the need to work on a ledge of a 44 story building. The CPP is lifted by a crane and simply connected to the slab via a bracket. The system uses a plywood backing connected to steel supports, making it easy to attached any necessary signage. An ideal platform for advertising and providing a weather tight system at the same time.
  • PERI also provided the VARIO wall formwork system, the SKYDECK modular slab formwork system, the Automatic Climbing System (ACS) and QUATTRO columns for this project.
Contractor: James McHugh Construction, Chicago, IL
Field Service: PERI Chicago / PERI Weissenhorn
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