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Farnsworth Avenue Interchange Project - Aurora

The $19 million Farnsworth Avenue Interchange Project is reconstructing the Farnsworth Avenue Bridge over the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) in Aurora and improving traffic flow at the interchange.
The project includes the construction of a new bridge, ramp reconfiguration, installation of energy-efficient LED lighting and the addition of a bicycle and pedestrian path across the bridge. Work on the project is scheduled to begin this spring and to be complete in 2017.

Farnsworth Avenue Bridge
The Farnsworth Avenue Interchange Project includes the removal of the existing four-span bridge and construction of a new, two-span bridge that will provide two lanes of traffic with full shoulders in both directions. In addition, the bridge, which will be raised to meet Tollway standards, will also be lengthened to accommodate future improvements as needed on I-88.
Reconstruction of the bridge will also provide the opportunity to include new aesthetic enhancements on the bridge walls, as well as black powder-coat fencing and traffic signals.
The project will also include local roadway improvements, as well as interconnecting traffic signals on Farnsworth Avenue.

Interchange Improvements
The current interchange is a cloverleaf configuration with eight ramps. Interchange improvements include removal of two ramps carrying traffic from eastbound I-88 to northbound Farnsworth Avenue and from northbound Farnsworth Avenue to westbound I-88. The existing ramps at the interchange will be reconfigured to accommodate these traffic movements and improve traffic flow on Farnsworth Avenue and I-88.
When complete, traffic exiting from eastbound I-88 will use a single ramp and a new signalized intersection to access either direction on Farnsworth Avenue. Likewise, traffic entering westbound I-88 will use a single ramp and a new signalized intersection on Farnsworth Avenue.
In 2016, the northbound side of the Farnsworth Avenue Bridge will be removed and reconstructed and two ramps will be removed and detours put in place. The southbound side of the bridge is scheduled to be reconstructed in 2017.
The project also includes installation of ramp que detection equipment on I-88 to monitor congestion on the exit ramp to Farnsworth Avenue. When completed, the system will alert motorists to potential traffic backups ahead.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Path

The Farnsworth Avenue Interchange Project includes the addition of a barrier-separated bicycle and pedestrian path on the east side of the bridge. The addition of the path and the new interchange ramp configuration will provide public access to cross I-88 along Farnsworth Avenue.

Traffic Impacts
Traffic detours will be put in place beginning in summer of 2016 for removal of the ramps connecting eastbound I-88 to northbound Farnsworth Avenue and northbound Farnsworth Avenue to westbound I-88.
In addition, a month-long detour will also be put in place during summer 2016 for closure of the ramps connecting eastbound I-88 to southbound Farnsworth Avenue and southbound Farnsworth Avenue to westbound I-88. Both ramps will be closed for ramp realignment.
On Farnsworth Avenue, lane reductions and traffic shifts will be put in place while the bridge is reconstructed.
On I-88, shoulder closures, as well as off-peak lane closures and intermitte full closures will be needed to accommodate bridge and ramp construction.

The Farnsworth Avenue Interchange Project will extend the life of the interchange, increase traffic capacity and provide safe and convenient travel for Tollway customers. More than 30,000 vehicles use this interchange daily.
The project is being coordinated with the Illinois Department of Transportation, the city of Aurora, Aurora Township, DuPage and Kane Counties, local fire and police departments, as well as Chicago Premium Outlets.

The Tollway is committed to "Building Green" and minimizing the environmental impact of construction by reducing, recycling and reusing materials.

Fact Sheet
Project Map

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Roadway Widening Project
Veteran Memorial Tollway​

In 2016, the Illinois Tollway will widen a one-mile section of the southbound Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) between 71st Street and 75th Street to help provide congestion relief. Ramps to and from the south will be realigned to match the new mainline configuration. The work begin in the spring and is expected be completed by the end of the year.

Periodic overnight lane closures in the southbound lanes are underway to prepare for a traffic shift. This work is expected to continue through June.

The I-355 Project will add a new lane on southbound I-355 from 71st Street to just beyond 75th Street to provide four lanes in each direction. Currently, the fourth southbound lane becomes an exit lane for 75th Street and does not resume until after the entrance ramp from 75th Street. In addition, the 75th Street ramps to and from southbound I-355 will be reconstructed to better align with the new four-lane roadway.

Maintenance of Traffic
Whenever possible, the Tollway uses traffic shifts and shoulders to keep as many lanes open during peak hours as were available before construction. Three lanes of traffic will be maintained on southbound I-355 during construction. Both ramps will remain open at all times. However, some off-peak closures will be needed to complete the work.

The roadway widening project will improve continuity on the Veterans Memorial Tollway, by providing four lanes of travel. The improvements will improve mobility and help reduce travel times. This project is being coordinated with DuPage County, along with local municipalities and police and fire departments.

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Elgin O'Hare Western Access (EOWA) Project

Designated a "Project of National and Regional Significance" by federal transportation legislation , the $3.4 billion Elgin O’Hare Western Access Project represents a fiscally responsible approach to address the area’s diverse travel needs – improving travel efficiency, providing western access to O’Hare International Airport, creating opportunities for jobs and economic development, enhancing multi-modal connections and reducing congestion.
The project includes 17 miles of new roads with 15 new or improved interchanges as part of a new, all-electronic toll road that includes rehabilitating and widening Illinois Route 390, formerly known as the Elgin O’Hare Expressway, and extending it east along Thorndale Avenue to O’Hare and building a new roadway around the western border of O’Hare
linking the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) and the Tri-State Tollway (I-294).
Broadly supported by local governments, the project is the result of bipartisan consensus reached by the Elgin O’Hare Advisory Council in 2011, which brought together local communities, business, labor, public finance and regional planning and transportation experts.

The project includes:
 Improvements to the existing Illinois Route 390 between Lake Street (U.S. Route 20) and Meacham/Medinah
Road with ramp improvements at Irving Park Road and Roselle Road and an improved interchange at Meacham/
Medinah Road.
 Extending Illinois Route 390 to O’Hare and constructing or improving interchanges at Rohlwing Road (Illinois
Route 53), I‐290, Park Boulevard, Arlington Heights Road/Prospect Avenue, Wood Dale Road and Illinois Route
 Providing direct access to O’Hare property from York Road via a new ramp crossing over York Road and the Union
Pacific Railroad and Canadian Pacific Railway.
 Enhancing southern access to O’Hare via a new, four-lane Taft Avenue Connector between Irving Park Road and
Franklin Avenue with a new crossing over the Bensenville Rail Yard.
 Constructing a new road connecting I‐90 and I‐294 west of O’Hare and interchanges at I‐294, Green Street,
Franklin Avenue, Irving Park Road, Illinois Route 390, Higgins Road (Illinois Route 72) and I‐90.
 Constructing a new, full-access interchange at I-90 and Elmhurst Road.
 Constructing a new, partial interchange at I-294 and North Avenue (Illinois Route 64).

As part of its Move Illinois Program, the Illinois Tollway has committed $3.1 billion toward the $3.4 billion needed to begin building the EOWA Project in 2013. Funding sources to close the $300 million gap are currently being pursued by DuPage County and local officials.
To date, more than $141 million of the $300 million funding gap has been identified. DuPage County committed to a $25 million contribution of land along Thorndale Avenue. DuPage and Cook Counties have secured $95 million in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program funding. Other in-kind donations will come from Cook County, the Village of Franklin Park and the City of Northlake. Under the continued leadership of DuPage and Cook Counties, the project team anticipates that by 2025 it will be able to secure additional grant funding or in-kind contributions needed for design and construction.

Major Construction Activities

Construction of the EOWA Project began in 2013 and includes the major early milestones consisting of:

Completing Illinois Route 390 improvements from Lake Street (U.S. Route 20) to Rohlwing Road (Illinois Route 53)
Completing new Rohlwing Road Bridge
Completing new flyover ramp from westbound I-290 to westbound Illinois Route 390

2015 through 2017
Completing new interchange on Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) at Elmhurst Road
Completing new interchange at Illinois Route 390/I-290
Constructing Illinois Route 390 from Rohlwing Road to Illinois Route 83

2016 through 2025
Constructing a new toll road connecting I-90 and Tri-State Tollway (I-294) on the west side of O'Hare
Constructing new roadways providing southern access into O'Hare International Airport via Taft Avenue

2017 through 2019
Constructing Illinois Route 390 from Illinois Route 83 east to O'Hare and south to Illinois Route 19
Constructing a new ramp providing western access into O'Hare via York Road
Constructing a new partial interchange on I-294 at North Avenue (Illinois Route 64)

2017 through 2020
Constructing Touhy Avenue improvements

PDFs, Powerpoints and maps
June 21, 2016

Nearly $4.3 billion invested since start of Move Illinois Program​

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – The Illinois Tollway Board of Directors today approved two new construction contracts totaling $2 million and one new professional engineering services contract totaling $24.4 million at its June meeting. Nearly $179 million in construction and professional engineering service contracts have been approved by the Tollway Board so far in 2016, as part of the fifth year of the Tollway’s 15-year, $12 billion capital program, Move Illinois: The Illinois Tollway Driving the Future. To date, nearly $4.3 billion in construction and professional engineering service contracts have been approved by the Tollway Board since the Move Illinois Program began in 2012, including more than $1 billion committed to small, veteran-owned or disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned firms. In addition, the capital program has created or sustained an estimated 41,910 total jobs as of May 2016. “The Illinois Tollway is committed to creating opportunities for veteran-owned firms and small businesses by supporting those firms that want to step up to be prime contractors and consultants,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Greg Bedalov. “The contracts awarded today show success in our efforts with both a new contractor and a first-time prime contractor working on Tollway projects.” The two construction contracts approved today are small business set-aside contracts awarded as part
of the Tollway’s Small Business Initiative, including one new prime and one new firm to the Tollway. The Illinois Tollway Small Business Initiative puts small businesses in a position to succeed and grow
as prime contractors and includes identifying select construction contracts, generally with values of approximately $1 million, that can be set aside specifically for small businesses. The June contracts also include a professional engineering services contract with one prime consultant
and six subconsultants that are certified as disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned business interprise (D/M/WBE) or veteran firms.

Of the $26.4 million in awarded contracts, nearly $8.4 million, or 32 percent, is committed to veteranowned, small or disadvantaged firms.

Construction contracts awarded today include:
* A $1.3 million contract to JG Demo Inc., Addison, IL, for parking lot removal and replacement at the Hillside (M-2) maintenance site on the Tri-State Tollway (I-294).
* A $726,983 contract to Accel Construction Services Group, Chicago, IL, for removal of buildings and site restoration for the Elgin O’Hare Western Access Project and on I-294.

Professional engineering services contracts awarded today include:
* A $24.4 million contract to Alfred Benesch & Company, Christopher B. Burke Engineering and Lin Engineering, Chicago, IL, for design services for the Elgin O’Hare Western Access Project including from I-294 to Franklin Avenue/Green Street and for the North Avenue Interchange at I-294
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